Friday, October 14, 2016

#Fashion: Levi’s Drops 505 Cs and Comfort Tech Insole Sneakers

Levi’s Strauss recently dropped two kick-ass moments: 1) The 505 Cs – 70s jeans re-visioned, revised and currently being relived. 2) Comfort Tech Insole sneakers – added comfort, foot formation, classic reinvention for modern gents. We opted to take them both out for a spin to see if they really live up to expectations as implied.

The 505 C. Born in New York’s punk scene in the 70s, the 505 jean was worn by a variety of characters – pop artists, rock stars, graffiti artists, the works. They work them, tore them and pretty much thrashed them. It was all about the lived-in, rocked-in feel making the jean a personal timeless fit. Today’s modernised and remastered 505 is a customised version of the original – hence the ‘C’.

“The 505™ was a symbol of counter-culture. It rose to fame during an era of unrivaled creativity in art and music. We’re excited to introduce a modern and slimmer take on this classic. It’s equally and subversively sexy on both men and women,” said Karyn Hillman, Levi’s brand Chief Product Officer. “There’s no better time to launch the 505C. We noticed people are buying the 505 vintage, particularly girls, because the vintage 505 has a zipper, creating a flatter front, and it does that amazing Levi's® inverted heart, perky bum thing that vintage Levi's® do, so we wanted to recreate some of that.”

The Comfort Tech Insole. In a merger of comfort and ‘cool’, Levi’s has dropped the new Comfort Tech Insole in its latest range of footwear. Acting as a practical solution by offering additional cushioning to further absorb shock and impact, the insole is slip resistant securing the fit and is easily removable and replaceable.

“Innovation and comfort have always been a major part of the Levi’s® heritage,” says Jonathan Chaimowitz, Brand Manager for Levi’s® Footwear South Africa. “As one of the most iconic and well-loved brands in the world, Levi’s® continues to bring its fans the comfort, style and versatility the brand is known for, with the launch of the Comfort TechInsole.”

Photographer - Ben Moyo
Model - Stev (Loys Management)
Styling - Monde Mtsi
Clothes by Levi's Strauss. Accessories by Aandriaela.

Make sure you update your wardrobe and your style this summer with these two new offerings from Levi’s, available from all Levi’s stores nationwide and selected outlets. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

#NEWS: SAVE THE DATES – L’Ormarins Queens Plate 2017

It’s that time again – well, not quite. But you’re being warned well in advance. The prestigious L’Ormarins Queens Plate will be taking place over TWO days in 2017: January 6th & January 7th. This is a first for both L’Ormarins and in fact, horse-racing festivals in Africa.

This pretty much means double the glamour, double the Stud Club and double the betting on one of the most high-paying racing events on this globe. Make sure you pencil this in to your calendar right now. Get your designers on speed dial and be sure to be present and accounted for to an event that has consistently set the tone to an opulent beginning of a year.

#LQP #Menswear #Horseracing

Thursday, September 29, 2016

#LOOK_BOOK: Otteng Presents the AfroNuvo Look Book

We recently discovered the Ghanaian brand, Otteng. Without fail, much like all the other African menswear brands popping up, Otteng shows signs of a holistic understanding of their vision for menswear in Africa and their placement within that market. The offering we stumble upon is an amalgamation of androgyny with athleisure. A dose of African context with experimental consideration for treatments to the fabric.

“Aside from the silhouettes, shapes, gender-bending exploration, Harajuku and athleisure influences, the collection is built on a series of paintings – African alphabets and symbols by Ghanain artist, Issac Opoku – under his exhibition, AfroNuvo”, cites Creative Director of Otteng, Samuel Otengantwi. “His [Isaac’s] painting, which tackle the surpression of many indigenous African writing systems, informed the prints used for the collection.”

The collection includes Batik, silk screen printing, fabric painting, hand embellishment, dyeing and other techniques and procedures. The collection is light, modern, yet comes across as definitively African in its interpretation, aesthetic and styling.

Photographer – Apag Studios
Styling & Creative Direction – Samuel Antwi Oteng
Models – Andrew Brown, Ekow Barnes, Shepherd Banful,
Brian Yankson, Ren Kobby, Marvin Boateng, Serene Ocansey, Deladem Duvi & PJ

Be sure to follow Otteng on the following social media platforms: Facebook – and Instagram -

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#FASHION_WEEK: Durban Fashion Fair 2016 As Per The SuitableMan – Brian Lehang

As we were making an exit out of the winter season entering the colorful spring, we had to do it fashionably as we graced the city of Durban for the annual Durban Fashion Fair.  Since DFF takes center stage for hosting local and international designers once a year, it gives the opportunity to explore and experiment without any mandate influenced by the seasons.

DFF is not just a platform to showcase local and international designers, but for them (designers) to explore; experiment and push boundaries as they showcase their talent and skills in garment making. It is evident that the rise of menswear is rapidly increasing and with that said DFF continues to brew out even more menswear designers. Year after year there are new faces on the ramp and we even see the usual faces making waves. Through workshops and fashion trends analysis designers are taking menswear lines more serious as stats show that the modern men are now big spenders and take their look very serious. We even see designers that are well-known for ladies wear jumping into menswear range. Enough about the business talk, let’s see what some of these designers had in store for us this year.

As I mentioned that DFF designers came to show us that they can go out of their comfort zones; explore and experiment while setting trends. Abrantie was not bothered to conform to the rules of dandyism, or worry about looking absolutely sartorial. Some may say it was an incomplete three piece but he was brave to pair the pants with the vest (waistcoat) without worrying about the jacket. We tend to follow rules a lot, says the Ghanaian Flair. If you know the rules then you are more than welcome to break them. Well-tailored pants and vest paired with a shirt with indigenous prints, The Gentlemen were indeed effortlessly elegant. There was no need for accessories nor an emblem batch to show who he was and how fashionable he can be. All he was saying is “less is more”. Keep it clean and simple.
Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

A continuation from last year and still staying true to his heritage as he paid homage to his culture in style. A traditional man never looked to stylish and sophisticated. Clemas’ traditional collection spoke load to the urban dwellers saying never forget where you come from. The poncho-like dress shirts were everything, with minimum details and styling it showed the masculinity yet looking peaceful. It was as good as the Arab sheikh costume, one can wear the same outfit over and over again and won’t go out of fashion. Timeless.
Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

The pride of Kwa Zulu Natal, also not following trends but setting them and the only way to do that is not conforming to the so-called sartorialism. As long as the garments are well tailored then as a designer you are allowed to play around with detailing, like how Duke did. As he also continued from where he left off with the shades of grey he also kept it simple. A lot may agree that accessories give outfits a rejuvenated life, however looking at this collection and these outfit, they were alive straight out of the studio. There was absolutely no need for accessories and I am glad he didn’t add any. The detail was on the fabric; the tailoring and of course the DB jacket was exceptional with the bead-work overlapping on the right shoulder. And definitely my favorite was the light grey jacket with no buttons but a zip. The beauty of this jacket is that the zip starts where the top button of the jacket should be and to top it all the jacket still has lapels.
Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

The time to look random going to the gym is history as the rise of sports lux take center stage. This new phenomenon has revolutionized fashion as it encompasses unisex as well as gender fluidity. Eullue being one the rookies of DFF were very impressive, with their colorfully clean collection. Sportswear never looked so luxurious, even the SuitableMan saw himself in one of the outfits this coming summer. The baby blue hoes paired with white on the garments was so chic it was like looking at the partly cloudy summer sky.
Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Seeing this collection reminded me of the stereotype phrase “once you go black you never go back”. I couldn’t even call it shades of black because there were no shades but pure darkness. This collection depicted royalty at its best with the feather headpiece and capes of all shapes and sizes, it was like seeing the modern Shaka Zulu. We did not only see the dark side of it but also the feminine; soft and sensitive side of the collection. From the see-through lace shirt to the high waist dress-like pants and even the neck-pieces made the outfits look even more impeccable. It’s true, black is beautiful!
Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

A collection only for the brave! I was nothing that one can find in departmental store. It was like watching a Paris Haute Couture but for men. Terence is more like a veteran of the fashion business in South Africa as he has been around for years. He is more than just a designer, Terence is a fashion story teller. Looking at his collection I felt close to nature with earthy colors and floral accessories, it was like the outfits were made for an international contemporary dance performance. It didn’t end there, we saw aquatic shades on the garments and it was like watching Avatar on the runway. Not only were the fabrics light and flexible, also fresh and well-fitted. It was not just fashion but art at its best.
Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

That all from me for the Durban Fashion Fair 2016, until next time.
Stay fashionably fabulous.
Yours Suitably
Brian Lehang

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#NEWS: Puma x STAMPD Release The Next Chapter For AW16

The L.A. menswear brand STAMPD has once again teamed up with Puma for the launch of their third collaboration for AW16. The collection features fabric exploration inspired by cues from deep ocean blues to architectural structures. Sneaker features include the much loved Blaze of Glory in Black and STAMPD Trinomic Sock. The men’s apparel styles include the wave graphic Tee and STAMPD Long-sleeve Top.

We thought it woulod be fun to grab some of the pieces and shoot it with so some local faces. Check out the collection and pick your favourites to go and buy now!

Photographer – Luxolo Poyo
Styling – MondeMtsi
Models – Anesu (Loys Model Management) + Lwakhe (TWENTY Management)

The series from PUMA x STAMPD is available at PUMA SELECT stores in Bree Street, Cape Town and Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Madaiza and selected retailers.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#GROOMING: Activate Your Rejuvenation with Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum

We’ve had the opportunity to recently try out the Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum. The serum acts as an activator of your skin’s rejuvenation process. It works towards a uniform skin tone while moisturising and dealing an anti-oxidant effect. In a much simpler manner, it ensures your skin is moisturised, protected and elastic – making it younger for loonger without any harsh effects. By far, Juliette Armand Vitamin C has been one of the best treatments for photoageing that we have come across.

The Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum is available at a recommended retail price of R615. For stockists or more information, visit or contact Poise Brands on +27 11 033 0500.

#grooming #skincare

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#NEWS: The Puma Clyde Dressed Pack Is Here

Global Sports Brand PUMA is excited to introduce the PUMA Clyde Dressed Pack. The return of the classic kicks after five years has been given a stylish update inspired by the legendary sports icon and sultan of swag, Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

The PUMA Clyde trainer has been established as a sneaker icon since the 70’s. Today the shoe sees no signs of slowing down in popularity constantly refreshed with new colourways and textures. Influencing this latest drop is Walt Frazier’s impeccable sartorial style.

Basketball legend Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier was the league’s original fashion icon and first player to make the fashion magazines with his distinct classy style. He was known for his feathered fedoras, blinged out walking sticks and a plethora of custom pieces from suits to alligator briefcases. Not to mention his PUMAs.

PUMA pays homage to the famous star who brought the PUMA Clyde into the limelight with the new Clyde Dressed Pack.  The celebratory sneaker has been updated with a premium embossed croc leather upper and complimented with gold debossed PUMA branding. Finished off with gold Clyde stamped detail on the lace tip, this trainer has pulled out all the stops when it comes to attention to detail. The Dressed Pack comes in three colourways, PUMA Black, High Risk Red and PUMA White.

The PUMA Clyde Dressed Pack will be available at PUMA SELECT Bree Street, Cape Town and Braamfontein, Johannesburg from 16 September for R1 599.

Monday, September 12, 2016

#NEWS: Fruit of the Loom Now Available at

Founded in 1851 by brothers Benjamin and Robert Knight, Fruit of the Loom has gone from strength to strength producing some of the world’s best quality underwear and classic t-shirts. With a track record citing them as one of the oldest brands in the world, Fruit of the Loom consistently provides us with underwear and tees offering an unconditional guarantee through three simple pillars: quality, value and style.

For so many of us, basic underwear is a wardrobe staple with the most popular colours being white, grey and black. The effortlessness of these three colours in the basic tee and classic boxer or sports undies allow the wearer to comfortable transit through the day without any signs of discomfort or any risk of slipping out of style. Fruit of the Loom has enjoyed much popularity in the market with personalities such as James Dean and Marlon Brando playing movie characters whose style was centred around the classic white tee. Even before that, the navy, military and even Chanel in the 20s adapted the white tee as part of the ‘style’ uniform.

Today, the white tee has garnered the attention of stars such as designer Karl Lagerfeld, singer Kanye West and pop culture celebrity, Kendal Jenner. As an essential item for guys that can be paired with shorts and the forever trusted pair off denims; and women with black pencil skirts or their favourite pair of tight fitting jeans – one cannot go without. And what better way to pair your classic tee than with a great pair of 100% cotton-twill underwear.

Fruit of the Loom produces some of the highest quality cotton underwear; in two simple styles: class boxer briefs and classic sports brief in three colours – white, light grey and black. The underwear’s close knit and tight stitching allow for an almost seamless appearance and are known to prevent any riding up on legs when worn. There is definitely no getting it wrong with this popular underwear brand.

Photography - Larry English
Styling & Art Direction - Monde Mtsi

The Fruit of the Loom underwear is currently priced at R215 for the Classic Sport 2 Pack and R285 for the Classic Boxer 2 Pack. The Classic Tees are available in Multipacks of 3: white – R289, black – R289, Mix white/black/heather grey – R289. Fruit of the Loom products are available via

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