Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#GROOMING: Activate Your Rejuvenation with Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum

We’ve had the opportunity to recently try out the Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum. The serum acts as an activator of your skin’s rejuvenation process. It works towards a uniform skin tone while moisturising and dealing an anti-oxidant effect. In a much simpler manner, it ensures your skin is moisturised, protected and elastic – making it younger for loonger without any harsh effects. By far, Juliette Armand Vitamin C has been one of the best treatments for photoageing that we have come across.

The Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum is available at a recommended retail price of R615. For stockists or more information, visit or contact Poise Brands on +27 11 033 0500.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#NEWS: The Puma Clyde Dressed Pack Is Here

Global Sports Brand PUMA is excited to introduce the PUMA Clyde Dressed Pack. The return of the classic kicks after five years has been given a stylish update inspired by the legendary sports icon and sultan of swag, Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

The PUMA Clyde trainer has been established as a sneaker icon since the 70’s. Today the shoe sees no signs of slowing down in popularity constantly refreshed with new colourways and textures. Influencing this latest drop is Walt Frazier’s impeccable sartorial style.

Basketball legend Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier was the league’s original fashion icon and first player to make the fashion magazines with his distinct classy style. He was known for his feathered fedoras, blinged out walking sticks and a plethora of custom pieces from suits to alligator briefcases. Not to mention his PUMAs.

PUMA pays homage to the famous star who brought the PUMA Clyde into the limelight with the new Clyde Dressed Pack.  The celebratory sneaker has been updated with a premium embossed croc leather upper and complimented with gold debossed PUMA branding. Finished off with gold Clyde stamped detail on the lace tip, this trainer has pulled out all the stops when it comes to attention to detail. The Dressed Pack comes in three colourways, PUMA Black, High Risk Red and PUMA White.

The PUMA Clyde Dressed Pack will be available at PUMA SELECT Bree Street, Cape Town and Braamfontein, Johannesburg from 16 September for R1 599.

Monday, September 12, 2016

#NEWS: Fruit of the Loom Now Available at

Founded in 1851 by brothers Benjamin and Robert Knight, Fruit of the Loom has gone from strength to strength producing some of the world’s best quality underwear and classic t-shirts. With a track record citing them as one of the oldest brands in the world, Fruit of the Loom consistently provides us with underwear and tees offering an unconditional guarantee through three simple pillars: quality, value and style.

For so many of us, basic underwear is a wardrobe staple with the most popular colours being white, grey and black. The effortlessness of these three colours in the basic tee and classic boxer or sports undies allow the wearer to comfortable transit through the day without any signs of discomfort or any risk of slipping out of style. Fruit of the Loom has enjoyed much popularity in the market with personalities such as James Dean and Marlon Brando playing movie characters whose style was centred around the classic white tee. Even before that, the navy, military and even Chanel in the 20s adapted the white tee as part of the ‘style’ uniform.

Today, the white tee has garnered the attention of stars such as designer Karl Lagerfeld, singer Kanye West and pop culture celebrity, Kendal Jenner. As an essential item for guys that can be paired with shorts and the forever trusted pair off denims; and women with black pencil skirts or their favourite pair of tight fitting jeans – one cannot go without. And what better way to pair your classic tee than with a great pair of 100% cotton-twill underwear.

Fruit of the Loom produces some of the highest quality cotton underwear; in two simple styles: class boxer briefs and classic sports brief in three colours – white, light grey and black. The underwear’s close knit and tight stitching allow for an almost seamless appearance and are known to prevent any riding up on legs when worn. There is definitely no getting it wrong with this popular underwear brand.

Photography - Larry English
Styling & Art Direction - Monde Mtsi

The Fruit of the Loom underwear is currently priced at R215 for the Classic Sport 2 Pack and R285 for the Classic Boxer 2 Pack. The Classic Tees are available in Multipacks of 3: white – R289, black – R289, Mix white/black/heather grey – R289. Fruit of the Loom products are available via

Follow Fruit of the Loom on social media via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

#GROOMING: The Vaseline MEN Face and Body Solutions Challenge - Results

For just over a week, I have been trying out the latest Vaseline MEN range for face and body. My skin generally has its elasticity intact and not that dry, however, a recent travel trip had caused my skin to dry up and an uneven tone to appear on my face. With that, it was perfect timing to test these products, amongst many other things, promise moisture, an even tone and visible results. So far it’s been good. But of course, the longer you use the same product, the more visible the results.

FACE (Cleanse)
Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert – Face Scrub
Unilever’s Vaseline MENface scrub lathers up into luxurious mousse-like foam. Its micro-beads have an exfoliating effect on the skin, seemingly cleaning away dirt and dead skin cells. The face scrub doesn’t have a distinctive fragrance, it’s a more neutral, fresh scent that one gets whiffs of while cleansing their face. Some face washes tend to be quite abrasive. After washing off with warm water you sometimes feel a tingling sensation, which is usually one of two things; your wash is too strong or your skin is too sensitive for the formula. I know it sounds like I said the same thing twice, but you must remember skin types are different. A normal wash with no side-effects for someone with sensitive skin might reacted different to someone with dry skin – so it’s always best to find out what skin type you are. Another aspect of this wash that I appreciated was its lack to dry my skin after the wash. I did not feel harsh and patchy – which is a great plus. My face’s tone has started evening out, however, I’m not brighter like I was worried might happen with many products of a similar nature. Generally, the scrub has been doing as it needs to and I’m enjoying constantly checking for progress (or regression).

FACE (Moisturise)
Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert – Moisturiser
Vaseline’s MENface moisturiser is a great guy-tool. Going on dry and keeping the skin hydrated, the formula protects the skin with its SPF15 while micro-droplets of Vaseline’s original petroleum jelly nourish the skin. The formula is meant to do a few things, including evening out of the skin tone and visibly reducing spots. I, personally, can’t say much about the spots because I started using the product with pretty much no spots on my face, however, my face has become a little bit lighter in natural lighting. I’ve enjoyed the lasting effects of the moisturiser, being able to go through my day without feeling my skin dry out is amazing. For me, that means the product is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Another good test to see if the product is working, is to visit the #worstface site by Vaseline – it enables you to snap your face and have it analysed to see what it would like like in the future without the right kind of treatment and protection. I’m giving it a spin, perhaps you should too. Visit now and take the #worstface challenge.

BODY (Lotion)
Vaseline MEN Extra Strength Repairing Moisture – Body Lotion
My body has been made accustomed to a standard body lotion – aqueous cream. This, after a childhood of being lathered up in cocoa butter and before that in Vaseline petroleum jelly. So when I started using Vaseline’s MEN Extra Strength Repairing Moisture body lotion, it felt as though my body had come full circle. My skin was being well-nourished with a formulation that lasted longer than 24 hrs. The lotion is non-greasy, however, it leaves your body’s skin feeling smooth and hydrated – something that other products and brands tend to lead us to believe is only done with a greasy product; and because it’s non-greasy, it absorb really well and fast, making sure the protection starts from beneath the skin. I’m enjoying the experience thus far, and I think the fact that my skin looks visibly healthier is an added plus to the experience.

Follow my journey with Unilever’s Vaseline MEN brand for face and body to see the results. Be sure to live through my experience and see if you’re ready to challenge your body to reach new skincare heights. Be sure to check my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Page accounts for more on this experience.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

#NEWS: Axe launches ‘Find Your Magic’ campaign

Joburg’s glitterati and key influencers converged at Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, yesterday to experience the launch of ‘Find Your Magic’, the radical new campaign from Axe, SA’s number one male fragrance brand.

The ‘Find Your Magic’ campaign sees the 33-year-old brand famous for revolutionizing the deodorant category and for its iconic advertising, recognise that stereotypical views of masculinity are changing as modern masculinity takes centre stage.

And in a bold move showing just how the brand has pivoted towards a progressive new vision of masculine individuality while celebrating attraction, guests were reminded of how AXE has changed since it first launched in June 1983, informed of how masculinity has changed through an incisive talk by trends guru Dion Chang and engaged in a vibrant debate on the state of man today.

Taking place at hip Melrose Arch landmark Churchills and attended by celebrities including including singers Stoane Seate and Chad Saaiman, comedian Donovan Goliath, female rapper Nadia Nakai and TV personality Denise Zimba, official proceedings were opened by MC Maps Maponyane, a familiar from last year’s Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant TV commercial.

Maponyane introduced Ryan Fauconier, AXE South Africa brand manager, who explained how and why the brand evolved to reflect the changing perception of masculinity while Chang’s lucid talk framed the AXE positioning in a broader social context which has seen the traditional concept of masculinity disrupted.

“We believe that men are their most attractive when they embrace their own individuality and that is why Axe is liberating the South African Man from the stereotypical ideals of the past, helping him become the most attractive man he can be by encouraging each and every guy to Find Your Magic,” explained Fauconier about the thinking behind re-defining the positioning for the leading mens fragrance brand.

The Axe ‘Find Your Magic’ campaign is driven by research, developed through work with over 3,500 men in ten countries which shows that despite social progress, men still feel overwhelming pressure to conform to masculine stereotypes — and that male confidence is shockingly low.

From a South African point of view, the research was carried out to help understand our South African man in more detail. What it means to be a “man” is moving on for the current generation- we see a shift away from the dominant patriarchal model associated with previous generations. The younger generation want to move away from rigid gender roles and don’t feel the need to subscribe to any preconceived ideas of masculinity. They want to show a break from the past.

In response, the new positioning and ‘Find Your Magic’ campaign inspires guys to celebrate their individuality, reject archaic, stereotypical notions of male attractiveness, and gives them the tools and inspiration they need to work on their original style.

The South African campaign follows the launch of the Axe global campaign earlier this year, and will see the arrival of a new range of grooming products to encourage men to ignore stereotypes and express their individuality – no matter what it looks like – in the months to come.

The new range of Axe fragrances which inspire individuality while still celebrating attraction is backed up by an unprecedented new campaign featuring a radical, progressive point of view on masculinity and attractiveness.

Follow the story via #FINDYOURMAGIC!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

#NEWS: Maximum comfort, fit and support when wearing any Levi’s® basic or selected fashion styles

The new Levi’s® Comfort Tech Insole has arrived, merging comfort and ‘cool’ to give Levi’s®-lovers the best of both worlds. Keeping with the brand’s legacy of comfort and innovation, the insert is designed to enhance the fit and feel of basic and selected fashion styles in the Levi’s® Summer 2016 collection.

“Innovation and comfort have always been a major part of the Levi’s® heritage,” says Jonathan Chaimowitz, Brand Manager for Levi’s® Footwear South Africa. “As one of the most iconic and well-loved brands in the world, Levi’s® continues to bring its fans the comfort, style and versatility the brand is known for, with the launch of the Comfort Tech Insole.”

The Comfort Tech Insole is a practical solution offering additional cushioning which will be loved by people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

It is available through selected retailers across South Africa, including Stuttafords, Edgars and Levi’s® Stores, as well as online at Zando and Spree, in sizes four to eight.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

#EYEWEAR: Oakley Pushes Style Boundaries with Their Newest Performance Lifestyle Shield Lens - Trillbe

The latest from Oakley is the high performing Trillbe. Offering full coverage of the brand's newest performance lifestyle shield lens and an innovative silhouette with sculptured stems. The ahead of the trend eyewear design comes with protection, all day comfort and increased visibility in the peripheral.

This durable, yet lightweight stress-resistant O matter frame protects your eyes with 100% UV Ray Lens protection while optimizing peripheral vision with a toric lens curvature.

Oakley's Trillbe is definitely the next step in performance eyerwear evolution. Don't get left behind.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

#EDITORIAL: Jungle Walk - Owning The Concrete Jungle with Levi's Premium Footwear

In the concrete jungle, there are a select few clothing items and accessories one can constantly rely on day-to-day. Denim and high quality leather footwear come to mind. In this casual editorial, we give you an insider glimpse into wearing your favourite denim paired with premium footwear, in ways made to conquer the urban jungle and its territorial fashionistas.

Spread 1

Spread 1
Jay-Jay (left) wears Denim jacket by Levi Strauss, White shirt by Old Khaki, Tee model's own, 501 CT Jeans by Levi Strauss and Barletta boots in dark brown by Levi's Premium Footwear. Akwasi (right) wears Line 8 Type 1 Trucker jacket in Dirty White by Levi Strauss, Red Checkered shirt by Old Khaki, Tee model's own, Straight leg jeans in Indigo by Old Khaki and Vernazza boots in Black by Levi's Premium Footwear.

Spread 2

Spread 2
Jay-Jay (left) wears Over-sized neoprene jumper in navy by Stiaan Louw, 501 CT Jeans by Levi Strauss and Florentina loafers in black by Levi's Premium Footwear. Akwasi (right) wears Embossed jumper in Champagne by Stiaan Louw, Straight leg jeans in Indigo by Old Khaki and Brescia loafers in Black by Levi's Premium Footwear.

Spread 3

Spread 3
Jay-Jay (left) wears Extra-length pullover in navy by PEG from, 501 CT Jeans by Levi Strauss and Brescia loafers in tan by Levi's Premium Footwear. Akwasi (right) wears Grey crew neck by TSquared, Straight leg jeans in Indigo by Old Khaki and Florentina loafers in tan by Levi's Premium Footwear.

Photography - Larry English
Styling - Monde Mtsi
Models - Akwasi Boateng (20 Management) & Jay-Jay Bewa (CONTACT Management)


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#NEWS: adidas Consortium x Livestock PureBOOST PK ZG & Samba

adidas Consortium teams up with Canadian retailer Livestock to deliver a killer two-piece footwear package. The PureBOOST PK ZG and Samba may hail from different eras of adidas’ history but both are bonded by the common theme of dynamic movement. During the conception phase Livestock explored the theme of sporting rhythms; the way elite athletes develop elegant, instinctive physical behaviors.

First up, Livestock reworks the PureBOOST PK ZG, a modern running silhouette. The black Primeknit upper is emboldened by a rich elastic crimson cross strap across the shoe’s body and contrasting screen printed stripes on the outer toe-box. The PureBOOST PK ZG’s sporting capacity is world renowned; it is a market-leading performance model. This version also features low-key Livestock insignia on the tongue and insole.

adidas Original - PureBOOST PK ZG

adidas Originals - Samba

From cutting contemporary to something a little more classical, Livestock goes throwback with the adidas Samba. Whether it is indoor football or skateboarding, the Samba has lived on the front-line of sporting action for decades. Livestock's execution features black hairy suede and keeps detailing understated: we are talking screen printed stripes on the lateral and tonal leather stripes on the medial side as well as subtle gel-print lettering. Red is reserved for the insole and tongue label eyelets.
Livestock has thrown up a knockout combo celebrating the ever-changing role of performance footwear, highlighting the dynamics, the rhythm of movement in diverse sectors of sports and lifestyle activities.

The adidas Consortium x Livestock pack drops on September 3rd 2016 at Shelflife stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

#NEWS: ISIS Models Africa Launches Training Program at Nigeria’s Next Super Model Screening

10 September 2016 sees the 10th Anniversary of Nigeria’s Next Super Model celebrated with a dual event: the screening of the latest ISIS Models Africa Nigeria’s Next Super Model 2016 and the launch of the ISIS Models Skills Acquisition. The event takes place at the prestigious Linda Ikeji Media House, situated at Plot 29, Durosinmi Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

Fancy yourself Nigeria’s biggest name in modelling? Well, be sure to turn up for the screening of this special 10th Anniversary ISIS Models Africa Nigeria’s Next Super Model 2016. You could be like past winners; Eunice (2007), Bunmi (2008), Aisha (2009), Claudia (2010), Imade (2011), Kemi (2012), Cynthia (2013), Queen (2014), or Victoria (2015). In fact, you could literally be BIGGER. Who wouldn’t want to own a brand new car or become a face to be reckoned with on the runway at international fashion weeks?

ISIS Models Africa will also be launching their new ISIS Models Skills Acquisition Training Program for models interested in pursuing careers in and around the industry outside modelling once they are ready to retire. The program will be focused on equipping models to be able to either create work for themselves or fall into already existing positions; some of these including becoming model bookers, scouts, stylists and much much more. This program is dubbed as the largest on this scale in Nigeria and will see many great faces go further in extending their careers and reach within the industry.

Be present and accounted for September 10th, at Linda Ikeji’s Media House and prepare yourself to grace covers of magazines and strut catwalks worldwide. Tickets are available via or Go and visit for more details.

If we could, we would be there too. But maybe for the 20th Anniversary Edition in 2026!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#FASHION_WEEK: Ghana Fashion and Design Week – 21-23 October 2016, Accra

Fashion week is here! We are delighted to share with you and your team, news and venue location details about this year Ghana Fashion & Design Week 2016 annual international business event, set to take place this OCT 21 - 23 at the LABADI BEACH LUXURY HOTEL in the city of Accra, Ghana.

Recognized globally as Ghana’s most innovative fashion business week platform, GFDW is at the forefront of shaping and pioneering a new creative thought process through the art of fashion and business innovation. 

We are enthused to be leading the support for Ghana’s best next generation graduate talents at the NEW TALENT SPOT™ initiative space, nurturing them on their paths to becoming designer entrepreneurs in leading their own sustainable businesses in Ghana. This year we will welcome fresh new graduates at the space, and reveal the work of our previous selected talents in development to launch their new brands.

We welcome you to join us at this year business event for a truly NEO AFRICA business interaction experience.

Our Social Media platforms are buzzing with more updates and trending news every day. Please follow us for updates on event Schedule, Designers and special activities this year here .

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Monday, August 29, 2016

#GROOMING: Prepping For Spring with Vaseline MEN Face and Body Solutions

In preparation for spring and the warmer season ahead, I’ve taken the personal challenge to do something for my skin before it encounters any problems due to neglect. Standard advice for any guy keen on taking better care of one’s skin includes items such as drinking plenty of water, getting enough exercise and doing your best to stay out of the sun. Of course, in this modern age of technological advancements, skincare products have also taken leaps in becoming more effective in assisting you to slow down ageing effects and almost literally rejuvenate the skin. I’ve decided on my journey to a better relationship with my skin and body, to take the challenge with the assistance of Vaseline MEN face and body tools.

FACE (Cleanse)
Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert – Face Scrub
Unilever’s Vaseline MENface scrub is one power-punch packing face wash. It’s even tone formula includes Vitamin B3 and micro-beads to exfoliate dead and dull skin cells. Used effectively, twice a day, the scrub gives your face’s skin a luxurious facial treatment, much like that from a spa or men’s grooming bar. The deep cleansing scrub is a white formula with blue micro-beads so you can see what you are getting from the product and comes with low to no fragrance, as not to distract from its job and irritate the sinuses. Look out for how my face deals with this scrub over the next couple of posts and social media uploads – this challenge is real for my face – we need to be summer ready.

Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert - Deep Cleanse Face Wash

FACE (Moisturise)
Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert – Moisturiser
Trying to avoid the worst face scenario this coming season is going to be easier than slipping on a pair of flip flops. Unilever brings us Vaseline’s MENface Moisturiser with SPF15. Formulated into a non-greasy and fast absorbing moisturiser, it evens skin within two weeks, reduces spots and provides your face with daily protection from the sun. Of course, just because your moisturiser has SPF in it already, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be vigilant and layer on another sunscreen of SPF15 or more for added value. Ideally, to test the value of this product, I’m going to visit the brand’s Worst Face Scenario site ( to see the difference of what my face would look like a couple years down the line using and not using Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert Moisturiser. Maybe once I show you my results, you too will be encouraged to take on the #worstface challenge.

Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert - Moisturiser

BODY (Lotion)
Vaseline MEN Extra Strength Repairing Moisture – Body Lotion
No one likes dry skin. That feeling you get when you run your fingers up your arm and the transition is not so smooth – feeling more like a broken tape recorder than a perfectly orchestrated Opera. I’ve decided to add to the value package of my skincare regime for the coming season with Vaseline’s body lotion for extra strength. It’s easy to absorb, non-greasy and set to leave my skin hydrated and well nourished. Over the next few days, I’m going to keep a close feel on my skin’s reaction to the body lotion and if it stands up to its promise. Its formula, inclusive of micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly means that it contains repairing properties, restoring your skin’s vitality from within.

Vaseline MENbody Repairing Moisture - Body Lotion

Follow my journey with Unilever’s Vaseline MEN brand for face and body to see the results. Be sure to live through my experience and see if you’re ready to challenge your body to reach new skincare heights.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

#Fashion_Week: A fashion challenge for Durban Fashion Fair designers!

With the annual Durban Fashion Fair now firmly entrenched on the fashion calendar and celebrating 5 years, things are heating up for our young, up & coming young designer mentees who are currently participating in the eThekwini Municipality’s DFF mentorship fashion programme which mentors enterprising young designers in all aspects of the fashion business and prepares them not only for the upcoming DFF, but for the “business fashion world”.

Over and above the mentorship programme, Woolworths South Africa have also come on board as a sponsor and will be providing these young designers with an additional challenge to form part of their curriculum.

Showcasing the RE: classic denim jackets that the 20 Durban Fashion Fair mentees will be customising for their #REdesignDenim challenge are: Akhona Bafo from Woolworths SA with models Kadija Makhanya and Sethu Khumalo with Nondumiso Mhlongo from eThekwini Municipality Business Support, Tourism and Markets Unit

Winners of this particular challenge will also be announced on Saturday, September 3rd at the Durban Fashion Fair Recognition Awards event hosted at the ICC. The winner of this challenge will receive a R10 000 Woolworths SA shopping voucher.

This relationship between Woolworths and the DFF started when Sindi Shangase, the Programme Manager from the BSTMU who is spearheading Durban Fashion Fair, approached Woolworths South Africa and invited them to participate in the mentorship programme.

Woolworths South Africa accepted the invite and decided to come up with a small challenge for the young designers which compliments their current curriculum.

“The challenge we are offering to the designers is brand specific; we chose the brand RE: as it is aligned with the age group of the mentees. RE: is a sassy, bold and adventurous brand that is always connected and challenges the norms. As a brand, we are and always looking to change things up and to partner with in-tune, sussed and aspirational individuals .We believe in collaborating with people we can learn from and who better than these aspiring creative minds, who exude, art, ambition and the passion for fashion,” said Katiso Maarohanye the Brand Manager for RE:. “One can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket; it is also one statement piece that evolves over the years, season to season. What changes is the artistry flair that is brought into it by the designer”, she added.

Woolworths SA representative, Akhona Bafo (front left) with the 2016 Durban Fashion Fair mentees all wearing their RE: classic denim jackets that they will be customising for their #REdesignDenim challenge

The designers will be given 9 days and a budget of R250 to customise “their jackets”, not only as a test of their resourcefulness and ability to work under pressure, but to test their originality, creativity and on trend abilities. 

Tickets to the 16 shows that will take to the ramp at the Durban Exhibition Centre between Wednesday, August 31st and Friday, September 2nd are on sale @ Computicket from R100 per person per show with students paying R50 per student per show. Tickets for the recognition awards show are R200 per person and R100 per student. For more information, go to the Durban Fashion Fair facebook page.



Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#Fashion_Week: Beyond Threads at Durban Fashion Fair 2016

It’s all systems go for the Durban Fashion Fair (DFF) 2016 with tickets to the 16 shows that will take to the ramp at the Durban Exhibition Centre between Wednesday, August 31st and Friday, September 2nd going on sale via Computicket.

Themed “Beyond Threads”, the DFF 2016 features 40 designers – including six from Africa and big names from within the South African fashion industry.

The city’s fashion extravaganza kicks off on Wednesday, August 31 at 6pm with an evening of menswear featuring labels Black Pepper, Afro Amano and the House of St Luke. Followed at 7pm with Gravitie and Clemas Garments (Nigeria).  Abrantie the Gentleman (Ghana) and Duke "Clothe Your Soul" will take to the catwalk at 8pm and ending the day at 9pm will be Shadow by Sidumiso (Zimbabwe) and Hombre’.

Six shows on Thursday, September 1st starting at 5pm feature labels from Glamour-SA Designs, Pengelly, Mo' Creations & Couture (Zambia), House of Alfalfa, Karen Monk-Klijnstra, Diva Designs by Brenda Quin; Quitera and George, Ganu (Zimbabwe), Poqua Poqu (Ghana), Amos, Palse and an off-site show at the Durban Art Gallery venue in the city by Amanda Laird Cherry.

Shows starting at bit earlier at 4.30pm on Friday, September 2nd include the uKhozi FM the 2016 DFF Next Generation Designers show and the Interns by David Tlale as well as showings by Eullue;  Colleen Eitzen, Kathrin Kidger, Terrence Bray, Thula Sindi, Mita-N Dzyns, Scarlett Haze and Ralfe'. The evening will culminate in another off site show by Zarth hosted at Lambert Road

The DFF 2016 features a newly designed show space that acts as a world class canvas for producers and designers to display their creations. Modelled on current international show space trends, the set for DFF 2016 features a seamless, wide catwalk which focuses the attention of the audience on the models and provides the perfect setting for photographs and video.

Over the past five years, the DFF has wowed designers, the media, fashion buyers and the public and has brought out the very best in Durban’s existing and aspiring creatives. It forms part of the eThekwini Municipality’s Fashion Development Programme which has empowered over 500 designers and provided internships to Milan, Italy, for 46 newcomers to the fashion industry.

The DFF 2016 will culminate in the prestigious Durban Fashion Fair Recognition Awards on Saturday, September 3rd at the Inkosi Chief Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre. These will honour and recognise the top designers and models taking part in the DFF 2016 whilst also featuring the designs of the 2015 DFF’s international interns.

Tickets are now available at Computicket with tickets from R100 per person per show with students paying R50 per student per show. Tickets for the awards show are R200 per person and R100 per student.

For more information, go to

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

#NEWS: Puma x Fenty Cozy Drop A New Colourway - Grey

Cozy has got a new colour. Introducing a new addition to the much loved FENTY by PUMA Fur Slide range.  The new Grey Fur Slide will be available from 26 August at PUMA SELECT, Anatomy, X-Trend Stores, Cop Capital, Shelflife and Madaiza for R1'299. 

In addition to the new grey introduction, the original three Fur Slides (black, white and shell pink) will be restocked and available in store from 24 August.

The Fur Slide is part of the FENTY PUMA by RIHANNA Collection alongside the Creeper and The Trainer. Stay tuned for new releases launching later this season.