Monday, November 12, 2018

#STYLE: Baroque Obama – Ornate Sophistication for Midsummer Nights

The politics in fashion are enough to disrupt any government agency from its standard duties. Having said that, Baroque Obama is a recurring theme that is probably taking a new-found essence in the current flood of men’s fashion trends. An intersection between ornate, decorative expressions of gold and silver, sublime lines of sophistication, meticulous attention to details and structure and an influence of hip-hop culture, Baroque Obama, arrives as a style that pertinently allows young money to attempt an old wealth form of fashion appreciation. Think BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z at The Louvre but now walking the streets on midsummer nights.

Simply put: Find a cool, old-skool looking suit in a tailored structured form + Add a tinge of soft accessorising with a vintage bag with a metal chain sling + Slip on some formalwear shoes with hints of gold or silver and close off the moment with a slightly excessive take on gold jewellery. What do you have? Baroque Obama.

The look is ideal for ‘going out’ scenarios. So, don’t wear this to work. Even if you’re a Creative. Just don’t. Going to a friend’s dinner party? Perhaps you have Friday night drinks plans… It’s fashion week! Those are the kinds of times you wear this look. Granted, if you toned it down slightly you could get away with doing this as an everyday look, however, the idea here is to be noticed – for the right reasons – so where it during the right times.

Remember to play with either structure or colour/fabrication. If your suit is a standard cut, try and get it in a very tactile, woven tapestry – something embroidered would be perfect. If it has enough structure and cut-design, work with a simple 100% cotton or 100% wool in a classic yet updated colour. Don’t be shy with the accessories – the louder – the more accessible your look becomes to the public. Try on a variety of options and figure out which colours and cuts work best with your complexion and body shape.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

#STYLE: Muted Highlights For Moderate Summer Experiences

In an ocean of season and trans-seasonal trends, keeping your style simple and elegant with a nifty dose of casual is key if you plan on transiting between work and play. Think highlighting what you already have with smart colours – colours fresh for a season that will continue to drive your wardrobe in an alternative period of the year. Our ‘Muted Highlights’ ensemble is just such an example of a look that can multiply itself into other looks by simply breaking the pieces apart and wearing them as separates with other staples or fashion pieces in your existing wardrobe.

Key in this specific look are the faded peach shirt and the black and white sneakers with the beige highlight. Why? Because these two pieces together create a fresh, updated look when worn against neutral colours such as white, black and grey. In a similar fashion, they can be worn independently, with monochromatic family members. Thus, creating entirely new looks from two items combined with other wardrobe staples of a similar colour group.

Don't forget to explore the monochrome family of your desired colour for added looks.

Look at colour families and consider your options. You’ll be surprised to find the vast array of options you have with one specific colour and the variety of composites you can develop from just mixing and matching. Try to always play around with your options during the morning or day, using the natural light to capture an image of yourself for review. Generally, photographic yourself under fluorescent lighting doesn’t result in the best colour interpretation of your look.

Don't forget to explore the monochrome family of your desired colour for added looks.

Remember to be kind to yourself. Fashion is meant to be enjoyed and your style, evidence of the fun you’re having. Also, consider swapping colours. So, if you look at the example we have for you, consider wearing pink suedes on your feet with a grey pair of trouser or jeans, vest in a different tone/shade of grey and the beige on top as a shirt.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

#GROOMING: Emporio Armani Launches Stronger with YOU for Him

In a world consumed with top layer interactions, false promises of hope and a distinctive stench of broken hearts comes a moment in time to rekindle true love; an essence of innocence and vulnerability in the transparent existence of true affection. Emporio Armani, a diffusion brand created in 1981 as an urban, energetic, positive brand, enamored with youth and freedom, by the designer, Giorgio Armani, has launched the new fragrance line ‘Stronger Together’.

From the genesis from Emporio Armani fragrances in 1998, comes the men’s fragrance “Stronger with You” for Him. A delicate dance between feminine and masculine that encapsulates a tale of unconditional love drenched in an energy of modernity. The fragrance elicits confident elegance, uninhibited translucency, and surety of one’s own originality. Top notes include spicy accord, a mixture of cardamom and pink peppercorn, garnished with violet leaves. Its youth is dramatically played out by the sage in its heart and all of this is grounded by the sheer sensuality of the smoky Vanilla Jungle essence.

No man can be blamed, nor judged, for falling in love with this new fragrance. Its magnetism resonates with sugar-coated chestnut accords, reserved cheeky experiences that drip of intimacy inclusions and a barrel of perfectly crafted whiskey or cognac. Generously masculine, this fragrance communicates love, challenges conformity and seduces the romantic at heart. There is yet to be a fragrance from Emporio Armani as enchanting as Stronger with You for Him for men.

The new Emporio Armani fragrance is available now at all leading fragrance counters nationwide.

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