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Patricia Eccles said...

Hi love your blog did you know Peacock Blue the mens shop from Franschhoek has opened in the Cape ao9 right above the Spar on the mezzanine level. We stock Scotch and Soda Deacon Goliath and our own label linens please come and see us .Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Love you new magazine. Quick question though, is it Renaissance or Renascence? The name on the magazine is Renascence but all your other handles are Renaissance (ie. Instagram, Blogspot, your email). I am genuinely curious as to why this is.

Renaissance Men SA said...

Good Day Anonymous,

Renaissance and Renascence mean the same thing. There are alternative spellings. We opted for Renascence for the magazine as it is shorter and works better in the masthead/cover of the magazine, as opposed to using Renaissance.

Also, Renaissance Men SA, was our first birth and we treat Renascence as the next step/level in our development.

We hope that has shed some light on your question.


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