Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY: Shoe Love

As technology continues to advance itself, so do men and their appreciation for their shoes. Some might not consider that a necessary aspect, however, considering we're on our feet for most part of the day and weekend, investing in a good air is not such a bad idea taking your feet's health into heart.

And if you're going to invest in a good pair, you may as well invest in a great care plan for their longevity. Below are some user-friendly tips to do just that.

Most good shoe stores will always have a bit of advice on this one. Before taking your shoes on their first trek, apply a coat of water repellent on the leather. In doing so, you assist your shoe in preventing additional moisture from penetrating the leather that could lead to early damage to your shoe. This, will also assist with increased comfort and life span of your shoes.

Without going into detail on this one, shoe polish is a staple that performs two important tasks: It nourishes and moisturizes the leather, keeping it flexible and healthy and it covers and repairs the damage of daily wear and tear. regular use using a cream-based polish and buffing with panty hose is all you need for good conditioning.

If you plan on spending cash on a good pair of shoes, you can invest in a good pair of shoe trees. Preferably those made with Cedar wood. The great thing about cedar shoe trees is their ability to absorb moisture inside the shoe while maintaining the shoes' perfect form. It is also highly recommended that once you've bought your shoe trees to put them in your shoes so they start doing their job. The early you use shoe trees the longer your shoes are most likely to last for.

The soles on your shoes are the same as the foundation of any house. It needs to be solid and sturdy in order to support the structure it holds. A great tip here is to instal taps. Preferably done after about twelves months of walking in your shoes. This allows for your shoes' soles to adjust to your stride and weight. Installing taps can be easily done by a mere visit to your local shoe-maker or cobbler. They just need to add them to the front and rear heels. Taps act as buffers between your heel and the ground. They absorb the shock and damage of constant pounding and help the heel from eroding.

Other than taps, should your shoes soles' walk their path to death, it's always better to have them replaced than to have them replaced with a new pair of shoes. Sometimes, it's worthwhile to replace your soles before they die, if you catch what I mean.

Shoes should be one of your most expensive and prized investments. So do give them as much love as possible.

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