Sunday, November 6, 2011

Introductions: The Handshake

When two beings meet, they exchange the act of shaking hands. This is considered, a handshake. Now as we meet through this blog, consider my posts as my extension of my hand in greeting you, just as I will consider your clicks on this blog as your greeting me back.

The Renaissance Men arrives at a time when I needed to find something interesting to do with my spare time. A platform to assist men in South Africa address their needs for more men's fashion content and discuss the status of menswear in South Africa. This blog exists as a portal to encourage further development of this market and to ensure continued enthusiasm from its consumers.

The Renaissance Men is a space and platform for men's fashion enthusiasts to get the regular doses of inspiration needed to keep pushing the boundaries of menswear in South Africa and encourage its growth and formidability.

The content to be featured will not be revolutionary compared to blogs already existing in the market. However, being a South African based blog, I'd like to believe that the quality of the visuals, relevance of the messages communicated and accessibility to the content will set this blog apart from the rest.

In order to reach that aspirant goal, we will need your help, in staying relevant and always ensuring content produced is of the highest quality that you will appreciate. So, feel free to contact us with comments and suggestions. Tip and even ideas for content.

Personally, I consider myself a renaissance man on the basis that I enjoy delving into different spheres to extend my creative reach and to experience more than the mundane everyday things. I tend to do as I emotionally please, but lately I have been learning to act like a renaissance woman and think like a renaissance man.

Monde Mtsi
The Renaissance Men

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