Sunday, November 13, 2011

Renaissance Icons: Oscar Pistorius for Thierry Mugler

A*Men, by Thierry Mugler, has always been a favourite scent of mine. Ever since my first whiff some years ago, my Summers have never been the same again. With its bold yet light fragrance, reminiscent of splashes of sun in the last days of Spring, A*Men is truly a renaissance man's smell.

With A*Men, Thierry Mugler brings to life a modern-day hero. Timeless, he is both contemporary and futuristic. Part man, part god and unchained by the conventional codes of seduction. He is designed by his interior strength and his desire to conquer. And earlier this year, for the first time, A*Men was represented by a modern-day hero.

A*Men launched their new face. A man who overcome exceptional circumstances, bridged many gaps and divides, conquered his own world, to be considered an exceptional athlete: Oscar Pistorius. A bold choice and one completely out of the ordinary. Oscar Pistorius possesses the masculine values which Thierry Mugler holds so dear: he shows that, by using mental strength and willpower, man can exceed the limits of what is possible, make incredible achievements and create a remarkable destiny.

The Renaissance Men salutes both Oscar Pistorius for being such an iconic proudly South African symbol and for Thierry Mugler for identifying him as the perfect personification of what his infamous men's frangrance, A*Men, stands for.

Oscar Pistorius the new A*Men

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