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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Toolbox: RADO True Jubilé

High-tech, slick and available in White or Black, the 14 Diamond encrusted Rado True Jubilé watch is definitely more of a renaissance man's best friend than any Labrador or Dalmatian could ever be.

Rado Switzerland as we know it, was born 1957, when it presented its first ever watch collection under the name. Prior to that, the factory that produces some of the finest watches on planet earth was established 40 years before, in the Swiss town of Lengnau, by three borthers Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schulp, who first named it Schulp & Co. Clockwork.

Rado, since, has managed to continuously excite and delight watch lovers and collectors. With constant dynamic innovations and believing in a dream, they edged on and introduced some of the most masterful innovations. From creating the first scratch-proof watch in the market, to high-tech ceramics and diamond-faced and made watches, Rado has truly set standards and deserves the accolades they continue to collect.

Laying eyes on a Rado watch is like dipping hands in milk. You feel the texture, richness, smoothness while seeing the liquidity in design and creation. There's something seemingly flawless, seamless about them. Rado watches tend to give you a notion of sublime elegance and power. They boast an understated bling without being pimp about it.

Add to that confidence and style, the technology and advancements seem to be the perfect fit.

If you can, get yourself one from the following jewellers:

Tanur Jewellers
V&A Waterfront
021 418 5524

Ritters Jewellers
Walmer Park Mall (PE)
041 368 6141

Raffaele D'Amato Jewellers
Garden Route Mall (George)
044 887 0055

Tanur Jewellers
Sandton City
011 783 7191

World's Finest Watches
Nelson Mandela Square
011 784 0203

Arthur Kaplin Jewellers
Menlo Park Mall
012 348 8766

For more information and technical info on Rado Watches:

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