Sunday, December 4, 2011

Papered: Helmut Newton's SUMO. TASCHEN Books

Probably the most titanic book of its kind in existence and with a limited edition of 10'000 copies worldwide, each signed and numbered by Helmut Newton personally, SUMO, is any fashion die-hard's must get, keep locked in a safe or glass cabinet display publication.

Measuring a staggering 50 x 70 cm and weighing approx. 30 kg, the book contains 464 pages of what most in-the-knows will consider earth shattering visuals. Okay, maybe not earth shattering, but they are and were powerful enough to influence most fashion photographers of today. Ranging from portraits of famous personalities, to nudes, to the highest high-end fashion photography, this book brings you a compilation of incredible photographs, most of which have never been seen and published before.

If you can get a copy, get it. And if you can spare one for me, then mail me for a forwarding address. I mean, seriously, there's even a Philippe Starck stand for it, specially designed. So you know this is BIG.

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