Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mood Board: Shades for Autumn from Sunglass Hut SA

Sunglasses are glasses tinted to protect the eyes from sunlight or glare. That is the dictionary term for them. Sunglasses are accessories, in fashion, used to extend one’s character and add an element of glamour and allure. They can also be used as stylish defence tools when one is at war with enemy and is escaping the knives being thrown via jealous stares. Sunglasses are also a fashionable art form, taking something simple and logical for every day use and turning it into a possible symbol of status. Now, that was my definition of sunglasses. We all have our own appreciation for them and some of us have one pair of them while others have drawers dedicated to their many pairs. Long gone are the days when sunglasses were objects of desire for the Spring/Summer seasons. Today, even on that cold Autumn brunch date or that wet Winter morning off to work, one without sunglasses is one without spirit. They are for every day, every occasion, every outfit.

“This past weekend we popped in by our favourite haven for sunglasses, Sunglass Hut SA at the V&A Waterfront. As usual, the service is great, the ambience is relaxed and the latest glasses are always on point in trend full heat. Below is a small selection of sunglasses each Renaissance man should get a pair of for this Autumn. Whether you secure one pair or all of them, pick your weapon of choice and stand guard on the enemy lines. This Autumn, you don’t want to be blindsided.”

Persol (Retailing at R2’450)

Persol is, personally, a new brand that I have not heard much about. It appears to be quite popular and well-known locally by those who are forever in search of the freshest brands in eyewear. This frame above comes in black matt and black gloss. It’s also available in tortoise shell, in an older version of this now model being featured. It has a slim arm, with modest bling in the use of the eyelet details. The frame resonates a more humbled version of the 20s/50s cat-eyes frames. This pair we recommend you sport with a tailored suit to and from work. Monday to Friday makes for great days to wear these shades as they are casual in a serious manner. Two-button blazer, chinos and leather loafers. Also maybe try them with a pair of black or tanned lace-ups.

Ray-Ban (Retailing at R1’750)

There is something outstandingly naughty yet irresistible about these pair of Ray-Ban shades. Whether it’s the thick-style arms of these Wayfarers, the slight silver detailing on the eyelets or the bolder, rounder frame, which seems to compliment most faces, one can’t seem to help themselves but desire a pair. With this pair, however, I think the winning design element is the ability to fold these babies into a bite-sized object, and stick them in your pocket for safety when you’re not wearing them. The shades fold in the centre of the arms, the arms fold close and then you fold the lenses in the middle. In just three easy steps, you’ve just managed to look even cooler with your shades off than you did when you had them on. These babies go from into night, so we would recommend them with a sports jacket, casual or denim shirt, your favourite pair of denim jeans and a pair of loafers or All Stars. You’re bound to become the reborn James Dean in a way more modern manner.

Dolce & Gabbana (Retailing at R2’890)

It’s a little hard to hate on the Italians when they have brought us the best of so many things we love in this world. Now I’m no expect on many things, but, Ferrari; Pasta; Supermodels & Fashion; those do come from Italy and they do a great job with them. Not to mention, Dolce & Gabbana. With these Aviator frames, D&G have gone a more rounded manner to further compliment the gentleman’s face. They have also gone a more traditionalist route by adding the gold trim on the rim of the frame at the top. I personally love the bold yet not overbearing detail of the patriotic flag next to the brand name at the top of the outside area of the arms and at the bottom of the inside area of the arms. It’s a kind of fun glamour. Looking at these shades of think of coastal drives in a drop-top, which leads us to recommend wearing possibly a linen or cotton fibre shirt and pair of pants and carry your sports jacket over your shoulder. You can wear these during the week, but you’ll have more fun with them on during the weekend.

Persol (Retailing at R2’450) [Renaissance Men Recommends]

Now here’s a cute little pair of glasses we recommend we all own a pair. This style is available in either a sleek black gloss with thinned arms or in a tortoise shell frame in a bold and thickened frame. It has a more quirky design detail at the nose of the frame centre front and continues the modest silver detailing on the eyelets. The frame is fun, simple and classical. It’s bound to be on point and in trend every time you wear them. We recommend a bold floral shirt, simple button up cardigan and chinos tucked into your favourite pair of military boots this Autumn. Then again, the cool design of these babies allows you to wear almost anything with them and you’re sure to steal the light and still deflect the harmful glares.

All of the above mentioned shades are readily available at the Sunglass Hut SA store at the V&A Waterfront, Shop #7206, Upper Level.

A great thanks to Sunglass Hut SA at the V&A Waterfront for providing the sunglasses for this feature. You guys are awesome.

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