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Monday, April 2, 2012

Adriaan Kuiters: 1950s Suburbia Style with a Globetrotter’s Name

So I was taking a stroll down Kloof Street, looking left and right at shops about town. It always amazes me at what little jewels one can find if they just pay attention to the quiet corners. Which is exactly what happened when I discovered Adriaan Kuiters.

Adriaan Kuiters is a polite little boutique on 73 Kloof Street. It sits side-by-side with its sister boutique, Take Care, which is a womenswear brand. Adriaan Kuiters is a menswear boutique, spearheaded by qualified Industrial Designer, Keith Henning. The collections are inspired by a nostalgic love Keith has for the 1950s. The name, inspired by his globetrotting grandfather, Adriaan Kuiters.

The boutique on Kloof, is quaint, quiet and a bit on the industrial side. It definitely reflects the designers’ furniture design background as a strong influence and it’s sweet enough to leave an open wall into Take Care, which adds an additional sense of space in a small vacuum. Some key features of the boutique’s design include a custom-made rail system; artworks by Kurt Pio and Gabrielle Guy; exposed wood furnishings and ceramic light fittings by Imiso Ceramics.

All I can say is leisurewear has not really felt this tailored or looked this good in a while. One should stop by the boutique and have a quick browse through the collection and instantly update your wardrobe and your look.

Shop Location
73 Kloof Street, Cape Town

Market Location
Every Saturday at Neighbour Goods Market (Cpt & Jnb)

Stockist Location
A Store, Kloof Street
Adriaan Kuiters
Keith Henning
079 490 9492

Girl About Town PR & Communication
Carey Townsend


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