Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Best Buy: IDEALS Fleece-lined Hooded Jacket Covers the Winter Chill

Before I jump into this ‘Best Buy’ that I discovered, I must just touch on something. People tend to comment how well-put-together I can be sometimes (most times, actually, but let’s play the modesty card). And I usually respond by divulging the details of where I got my items from and they are usually very affordable places. And do you know what people always say in return? “Oh you shouldn’t have said that, we don’t need to know how much it costs?”

Mind you, that response is usually left for my second-hand pieces that usually cost less than R100, which I know they are dying to get one for themselves.


IDEALS’ winter range has just popped into store and it’s looking good. They have a collection called the Young Club Range, better known as YC Range, which is exclusively driven to provide the best quality, casual wear for young entrepreneurs and business professionals. The range is fresh, young, on-point and comes in at competitively affordable prices.

One of the items in this new range that has caught my eye is their fleece-lined hooded jacket. Now I’m no big fan of hooded jackets because I just find they clash with my general take on personal style, but I’m a big fan of warm clothes as I don’t like getting cold. And the fleece lining makes this baby a winner for me.

The range is quite practical while keeping some high degree of style and fusing it with professional affordability. The items are versatile and can be multi-tasked with other staples already found in your wardrobe.

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