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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trends: Stenströms’ Trends for Gents in 2012

Bohemian chic is the look. Classic garments are combined in new ways with layer-on-layer and mixed patterns for a casual look. The elegance is obvious in superbly tailored garments in exclusive fabrics. The details are the key and a scarf is a must. Linen, khaki and indigo contrast with coloured shirts.

Contrasts are important, but the crazy, bold colour schemes have been exchanged for a sober, elegant style with discreet linings in the collar and cuffs. Buttons are tone-on-tone. The patterns are very small and the colours toned down. The theme is blue – china blue, indigo, denim blue and royal blue.

Ship ahoy! The maritime look is back in port. The shirt is dark navy, white or red checked against a lining with a thin blue stripe and a small red star. We also present a white shirt with a small circular pattern in navy as a contrast.

Milk is the main ingredient for our new buttons, which have a fabulous ivory lustre. The wonderful material, galalith, so popular in the 1930s and made from milk protein, has been rediscovered. Only Stenströms uses galalith in shirt buttons. The buttons are available in off-white, beige and grey.

Bleached elegant and natural are distinctive trends this spring. The linen suit or cotton blazer in beige, khaki, silver-grey or navy are matched with a coloured shirt. The Bardo check in mild pastels of light blue, pale pink or beige follows the style. Linings in the collar and cuffs are a fresh white. We also present linen/cotton shirts in solid pink, light blue and silver grey, beige galalith buttons.

Multistripes in saturated colours stand out against the mild colour scheme. Linings in cheery red, orange, pink and blue stripes brighten up a pale blue shirt, or stripes of pink, green and blue on a cool pink shirt. Red and blue stripes on white or blue white stripes. Buttons are dark blue. The checks are also cheerful in red, purple, green and yellow or blue, lime, brown and cerise. Our tartans are very attractive in blue and brown or classic red, green and brown with linings in blue.

Washed creates a sporty, leisurely look. The qualities are comfortable and exclusive. With a pair of jeans, we combine a shirt with small patterns in pale blue, classic checks in bold blue nuances or quiet red stripes. The linen shirt is a beautiful grey beige check with a touch of blue. The jeans shirt comes in blue/white stripes or solid indigo with orange stitching.

Our luxurious cashmere breathes elegance in mild nuances. One could choose a grey pullover with elbow patches in off-white, a dark grey or brown pullover with light brown elbow patches or a blue with light blue elbow patches. The striped round-neck would be in grey, off-white, brown and blue.

Stenströms popular polo takes command. The colours are daring in combination with distinct contrasts in buttons and piping at the neckband.  We have a red pullover with green piping and blue buttons with green thread. The there is also an orange pullover with purple piping, green buttons and purple thread. A maritime inspired white pullover has blue piping and red buttons with blue thread.

Large florals, in blue and orange, are dazzling on handkerchiefs and ties; the perfect contrast against a subdued shirt. We have a smart cotton handkerchief with a yachting theme bearing the Stenströms name around the edge in a classic blue, white and yellow.

The scarf is generously long and trendy in washed linen, cotton or a modal blend. Paisley appears among the patterns, with blue as an ever-present theme.  

Stenström shirts are available from Stuttafords, nationawide.

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