Thursday, July 12, 2012

Luminox partners with underwater explorer and extreme diver Scott Cassell

Luminox, the maker of an extensive range of ultra-rugged watches that have become Essential Gear for military operatives, first responders and people pursuing extreme adventure, is pleased to announce its association with ocean researcher Scott Cassell.

Cassell's career has included service as a Counterterrorism Combat Dive Instructor to the Special Ops community, a former Special Ops combat medic and a MedEvac Flight Instructor in the USA Army National Guard. He has also been an anti-piracy consultant and a sniper.

Over the past several years, Cassell has divided his time between exploring and researching the undersea world, and risking his life hunting down poachers and other lawbreakers, whose activities threaten ocean ecosystems, conducting missions for the protection of our marine life and the environment. Cassell: "Our seas are dying, and this is not ok".

Luminox's continuing partnership with Cassell supports the explorer's vital ocean missions, aimed at supporting to save the oceans and their inhabitants. Working together, Luminox and Cassell have created special-edition watches, including the 3954 Colormark Special Scott Cassell and the highly professional model 1525 Deep Dive Special Scott Cassell. Proceeds from the sales of these dive watches help to support the work carried out through Cassell's Sea Wolves Unlimited LLC and his Undersea Voyager Project. In addition, a Luminox watch is on Cassell's wrist every time he undertakes a new mission, including his September 2011 long-distance dive world record attempt.

All Luminox watches are Swiss Made and feature Luminox Light Technology (LLT), a dial illumination system that glows for up to 25 years, regardless of conditions, so that the watch is always visible - even in the darkest ocean depths. For more information about the Scott Cassel and Luminox partnership visit  Luminox Diving.

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