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Friday, September 28, 2012

Designer Profile: Africa in London Does Streetwear, Y’OH style

Y’OH is a British brand, by London-based designer, Kara Messina. It’s more of a streetwear brand, and with their latest collection, have decided to infuse a taste of Africa into the mix.

Using African wax print clothes, the brand creates another look for streetwear’s outerwear pieces. Mixing heavy-duty water-resistant fabrics with coated African clothes to create a type of edgy all weather gear. The brand’s birth came about when Kara decided she’d like to see how an alternative to the every day shirt would work, if it was designed and made of a more stiff fabric that could work for casual or formal.

Kara’s brand is about interpretation. And we’re liking the way her mind works. We’re hoping to see much more of Y’OH and its afrocentric outlook on streetwear.

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