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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Affair: Annual Uwe Koetter Aleit Group Bridal Experience

Usually when people or agencies talk about bridal experiences, it’s in reference to a large hall being occupied by hundreds of sources of bridal gowns, event planners, décor specialists, cake manufacturers, invitation designers, fireworks mechanics, limousine companies, and others and others.

However, every now and then, a group of specially skilled people pool in their talents, sit over bubbly and go, “right, how can we make this work for romance the way it should…” And that’s exactly what the team from Uwe Koetter and Aleit Group must have done. If not, judging by his incredible personality, I think Aliet Swanepoel, Founder of The Aleit Group, was definitely having bubbly on the other end of the phone while he discussed this intervention with Uwe Koetter.

It was no surprise to find the venue, the Uwe Koetter Jewellers Showroom and Concept Store in Cape Quarter, swarmed with beautiful women from media and some personal contacts. After going through the experience, I definitely think this specific kind of engagement should to attended by gents who are planning on getting engaged or are already engaged and need some wedding ideas.

Uwe Koetter and Aleit Group had pulled together four of South Africa’s most popular and skilled bridal couture names currently in business: Didi Couture, Elbeth Gillis, Robyn Roberts and Hendrik Vermeulen. It was a melting pot of international standards, ideas and quality. Why this is experience for me, deserves the attention of men, is the mere simple fact that it’s not at all overwhelming.

Yes, The Halo Collection, currently South Africa’s most exclusive range of large-stone diamond rings, might be frenzy-inducing, but the sublime poise of the Uwe Koetter and Aleit Group teams will ensure you don’t panic and lose sight of your goals. The warm energy ensures your bridal experience is one that is comfortable and exciting and incites creative ideas on how to ensure your beloved never forgets a single moment of her wedding. Plus, the delicious bubbly from the Allée Bleue Wine Estate comes superbly chilled, meaning your kept constantly chilled under all the pressure of the right wedding dress or designer to chose for her majesty, Your Future Wife.

Allée Bleue Wine Estate

And that’s where the designers on show come in. Didi Couture, with their hands-on approach, always ensure the dress will capture the moment. They go through an intensive session with your bride to be, meticulously appreciating her body shape in order to ensure the final fit is more of a wearing of a second-skin, rather than dawning on some heavy cascading wedding gown. With Didi Couture, the process is joyous, never stressful.

Elbeth Gillis has been crafted beautiful bridal couture since 1997. Each bride receives a one on one consultation with Elbeth, whose Cape Town team carefully handcrafts each piece, ensuring that it fits the bride perfectly. With Elbeth, your bride’s wedding creation is more that just a dress – it’s the beginning of her special journey with you, harnessing different elements to create a breath-taking piece to be remembered and cherished forever.

Robyn Roberts Bridal wear offers a unique experience to brides looking for the perfect wedding gown. Robyn Roberts presents clients with both the option of having a dress designed and made especially, or of choosing one from the existing collection. The collection comprises a wide variety of styles and sizes. Having a couture dress made is a special experience. The Robyn Roberts team ensure a perfect fit on all of their gowns, and work closely with clients to ensure that their expectations are met.

This South African fashion brand is specialised in Haute Couture and was born out of Hendrik Vermeulen’s passion for the "Art of Couture". Hendrik Vermeulen has proven himself to be one of the top young designers in South Africa. His style is trendy and feminine with an unmistakable classic twist and is instantly recognised for its superb quality, outstanding fit and exquisite attention to detail. Established in 2007, the brand has become prominent in the South African world of Couture. Personalities from the politic arena, audiovisual, finance and the arts have come to trust his uncanny ability to identify their needs and to deliver outstanding results. Hendrik Vermeulen Couture has proudly represented Africa / South Africa at Perth Fashion Week 2012 and is the Official Representative of South Africa at the World Fashion Week - Paris 2013.

Once you have all of that under lock and key, I recommend you just give Aleit a call and let them do the rest. Women have a way of expecting to live out their life-long fantasy on their wedding day. The Aleit Group will exceed those expectations. Give them a for pointers, ideas, colour schemes and let them do what they do international best. From hanging chanderliers, to ochestrated waiters per guest, to outdoor wonderland experiences, The Aleit Group is there to ensure you and your gorgeous better half live life while the mechanics happen for themselves.

Leaving the experience I felt like I needed to arrange a partner to get married to just to indulge in the process of interacting with all these talents. It was evident that getting married and planning a wedding shouldn’t be a stressful bore. It can be exciting and most importantly, it can be magical!

PS Thanks for the goodie bag! My mom loved the cupcake!!

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