Thursday, October 25, 2012

Affair: Grand Hotel Fabiani at the V&A Waterfront

Monday I received an invitation from Vivid Luxury to attend the Grand Hotel Fabiani Summer Collection Viewing. I’d initially expected a ‘ramp’ show, flashing lights and plenty of beautiful people. I got the flashing lights and beautiful people, but not the ‘ramp’ show. I must be honest, I was disappointed. However, there was a wonderful installation instead, with some models dressed in the collection, sort of doing their own thing in the spaces provided for guests to see and touch the garments.

I do belief the event was more of a loyalty consumer brand exercise. I found more clients there than media. And when you look at it that way, the event was fantastic and well thought through. The consumer got to engage with the brand and its designer and team. Consumers got to experience the clothes, the energy and swipe their limitless cards.

Some hints were dropped into my ear about a future Fabiani event some time next month… That is one I’m thrilled to be expecting an invitation to. In the meantime, have a look at the pics from the event and indulge. I had great chats with plenty of beautiful people. I bumped into Malibongwe from VISI & Skattie What Are You Wearing, Bee who is the current Jnr Fahsion Editor at Marie Claire, Nicole Warr (Creative Fashion Director & Vintage Blogger) and Michelle of Cinder&Ckylark. And even Anele, a stylishly dressed local who is a huge fan of the Fabiani brand.

Look out for some more stuff in the near future on this blog in collaboration with Fabiani… Thanks Arie (Fabiani) and Dom (Vivid Luxury) for the thumps up!

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