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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Profile: Agape Mdumulla + Sam Cotton = Agi & Sam

After 45 minutes of wracking my brain, this is how I start this post. Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton would not be proud at all. Considering just how great they are and amazing the tailored whimsical work they create is, you’d expect me to have a more profound opening line. Nonetheless, it is what it is.

I keep wondering between the two fashion gurus, who is the one who influences the tailoring and who influences the crazy colours and prints. I mean, there’s a strong possibility that they both have a very strong influence on both elements, but when you look at their work, it seems as though one would supervise the level of craftsmanship that goes into the bespoke quality of the garments and the other would focus on making fun, not-too-serious fabrics and creating the light-hearted element of the collection.

Sam and Agape have successfully completed two cycles of fashion seasons between Fall Winter 2011 and Spring Summer 2013 under their official branding of Agi & Sam. They have also managed to work in London for some great designers, including the legendary Alexander McQueen; fierco Karl Lagerfeld and Blaak Homme, just to name a few. They also show on schedule at London Fashion Week with Fashion East.

There’s a kind of modern vintage about a majority of their collections. Always quirky, pushing the envelope and continuing to provide well stitched collections that showcase an eye for detail and a naïve heart for enjoying what you do and the clothes one wears. It’s as if the collections are dipped into euphoria before their put on the ramp. There’s just utter excitement and happiness seeping through the seams of each item.

Agi&Sam - Spring Summer XIII Collection

Agi&Sam - Spring Summer XII Collection

Agi&Sam - Spring Summer XII Collection - Hats

Agi&Sam - Spring Summer XII Collection - Shoes

I, personally, am a huge fan of the latest SS 2013 collection. The suits are impeccable with meaty lapels that not skimping out on any fabric. They have a very carefree kind of ‘artiste’ glamour about them. As for the SS 2012 collection. I wish I lived in a world where I could snap my fingers and whatever collection I wanted would appear in its entirety in my closet. The colours are great, the cuts are form-shaping yet loose-fitting. There’s also a great mix of daywear plus smart casual eveningwear. With this collection, they also introduced a range of amazingly gorgeous shoes, which I would not hesitate to wear to death.

I wish I could single out a specific influence, evident from their collections. However, judging by the produce showcased in their FW 2011 and FW 2012, one can only surmise that they are perceptive of their surroundings and they find inspiration in some of the most interesting places. There’s constantly a mixture of visual art, pattern, print and ethnicity in their collections, allowing for a new visual interpretation of themes and an introduction of new trends or looks for each season.

Agi&Sam - Fall Winter XII Collection

Agi&Sam - Fall Winter XI Collection

Whatever it may be, I hope they continue to bring it to the ramp. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is coming from this design duo. And I hope to have a Q&A with them very very soon. I need to find out more about them individually and as a team and get to the crux of their creative awesomeness.

To keep up to date on developments, check out their minimalist online home via

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