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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Accessories: Socks to brighten your day – Thomas Pink

Socks have predominantly been the bane of my existence for quite some time. Always buying and wearing grey or black or navy or striped black & white. Recently, I’ve decided to take on the challenge to extend my colour scope of socks and to brave the more adventurous patterns and hues. I am a men’s fashion blogger after all.
So began the journey to discover all the various designs available in socks. Excitingly enough, there are numerous shades and tones and patterns and combinations that one can go through and pick the best for his wardrobe or personality or both. I visited a few shops and managed to find a pair of bright red and green socks and also purple with red polka dots.

Then, as if the universe was working overtime, I came across a selection of Thomas Pink socks. Thomas Pink is an international men’s brand that hails from the UK. The renowned London shirt brand is also part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH) group, ensuring only the best of luxury and quality product is produced.

The brand’s range of socks is enough to make any grown man excited about getting dressed up for work. Picture yourself with a navy suit, crisp white shirt and red tie and secretly your socks, made from the highest quality cottons are a sparkling orange and red polka dot design. Find your pick and don it with style. Thomas Pink recently opened their first flagship store in Africa at Hyde Park Corner in Johannesburg.

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