Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hilton Weiner Menswear: Light, classic tailoring

Hilton Weiner is a brand that has a strong following. A majority of people only associate the brand with womenswear, whereas, Hilton Weiner has a great collection of menswear to ensure modern man can look elegant at the drop of the hat. Using slim lines, classic cuts with modern fabrics, the Hilton brand creates great silhouettes in crisp light fabrics, including cottons and linens.

Not one to be anything but ahead of the pack, Hilton Weiner has also been announced as a fashion partner for this year’s Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo happening Saturday, 23 February at the stunning Val De Vie Estate in the Franschhoek Valley. It’s quite clear the event already known for its style factor is upping its own game and standards while elevating fashion suaveness to a whole new level.

Guys, be sure to go to your nearest Hilton Weiner to get a feel of their latest re-engineered linen suits. Try on the light interest-knitwear and rock hard with their leather jackets in a slim-fit blazer and bomber jacket styles. If you’re feeling rather dashing and have the desire to be the prince of the ball, why not fit yourself into one of their Superfine Wool Tuxedos. The satin lapel finish adds a touch of luxury which only good taste can afford.

This latest collection from Hilton Weiner is available at HW stores countrywide.

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