Monday, May 20, 2013

Collections: Adriaan Kuiters A.W 2013

Firstly, I need to apologize to Keith and the rest of the Adriaan Kuiters team, then also to everyone in attendence at the launch recently for my unhealthy state. Coming down with a flu or cold is not something I had anticipated, however, I’m a huge supporter of the Adriaan Kuiters brand and was not about to get second-hand information on the collection and its launch. I wanted to experience it all first-hand, even if it was just for a few moments.

Secondly, a warm welcome back to Mali + Athi + Fumi, who were all at the recently fabulous Hyeres Fashion and Art moment. Thank you Mali for introducing it to me, every blog post (which ya’ll can go and read over here) was just amazing and I couldn’t help being envious and excited to be part of it all at the same time. To my favourite Queen B, Bee Diamonhead, your posts on Merchants blog are fabulous love. You know I be stalking your work. I got you on my radar.

Thirdly, it was fantastic to see Arthur (from GQ SA Magazine) and Neil Doveton (from out and about. Was surprised it was an Adriaan Kuiters event, but was surprised they were out at an event. Of course they didn’t notice me – the goldfish in their Atlantic ocean – but I did get to hear a little of their lives, from a change in neighbours, cat names, and even some bits about the industry.

Fourthly, there were bubbles at the event. You gotta love Adriaan Kuiters for these moments. Bubbles!

Fifthly, There’s more to the collection than was displayed – literally. The rest of it was still on its way. What was on display though gave a clear illustration of Keith’s understanding of the current menswear trends and he superbly made Adriaan Kuiters work of the best of the trends. The over-sized check trend was adapted in a very subtle manner. Not too obtrusive but not disappearing into the background either. Muted to grey on a soft black canvas of what I felt to etiher be 100% wool or a wool/cotton blend to create a luxurious cashmere texture. Leather, which is another trend this season was well taken care of through its applications in shoes (duh) and BIG bags (hooray). My ultimate climax moment was though seeing leather in transitional vests!!! And in yet another autumn winter trend of mustard (warm spot colour). True to Adriaan Kuiters form, there were two box-cut vests produced in leather. One in black and another in mustard. Like that for me was taking it to another level right there on the spot. If anything, that is the one key piece I need to own for AW2013 and going forward. Texture is another great trend adaption and the fur-like crew-neck (round neck) cardigan (jersey) was a beautiful piece to the collection. In a while, it plays the anchor in all this subdued glamour. It’s that piece of Adriaan Kuiters you can wear everyday and alternate with options within an already established wardrobe and still feel right at home with the rest of the fashion gang.

Visit Adriaan Kuiters to get your hands on the staple AW2013 pieces produced. The trench coats are great. Squared-off cuts with minimalist collars and invisible buttons. A very less is more likely less military-inspired look. Also, there is the beautiful coat in black with a deep indigo lining which just looks absolutely phenomenal. Wear that with either a salmon coloured shirt and olive or forrest green chinos with loafers to work or rock your favourite pair of jeans and that mustard leather vest on weekends to drinks with the boys. The world will be inspired by your look.

It really is a shame I was feeling under the weather as I really wanted to stay for longer and mingle since I haven’t seen the fashion crowd in such a long time. But alas, I’ll be back in full steam again soon enough.

PS Keith/Adriaan Kuiters, that hot mustard track pants and sweat combo is amazing. So soft and sports luxe. To be honest though, I wouldn’t wear it out. That number would be for me indoors or in bed!!!!

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