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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grooming: iCare for Men

Skincare for men might not be expected to be as daunting as it is for women, however, our faces both carry the same architecture and therefore the same amount of care should be considered. Eye care is something most gents don’t really take into consideration, and rightfully so. If you’re getting the right amount of sleep, drinking sufficient water, exercising and using the appropriate moisturizer on your face, the chances of needing something specific for your eyes is slim. However, every now and then, added help is welcomed.

We look at the market’s top three (in our opinion) eye care products readily available for the man out there who understands there’s nothing gay about making sure your eyes look the part. Would you stare into your partner’s eyes over dinner if you could see the bags and tiredness in their eyelids? No, you wouldn’t.

ClarinsMEN Line-Control Eye Balm – RRP R345 – 20ml

ClarinsMEN’s Line-Control Eye Balm is a superb product to invest in for your eyes. Formulated to combat ageing skin, repair crow’s feet lines on the edges of your eyes and firm the eye contour area for a more youthful-looking appearance; the eye balm purifies and soothes the skin too, using its Bison Grass and Chinese extracts to energize the skin. This little bottle of pow wow can be applied twice a day – morning and evening – and its smooth non-greasy texture won’t leave a heavy sensation around your eyes.

L’Oréal Men Expert Vita Lift Eye Roll –On Solution – RRP R149.95

Because You’re Worth It. What a line, and boy does it get to the heart of the opportunity. We might only see the ladies being sold that line but guys know they’re worth it too. Men Expert products by L’Oréal have always been under the radar and we’re not quite sure as to why… Maybe they need to do more mass advertising as opposed to just targeted print advertisements. Anyway, the brand has a power stick – Men Expert Eye Roll-On Solution. Created to wake up the eyes and fight the signs of ageing with 5 actions in 1 step, the roll-on delivers an icy sensation that reduces the puffiness around the eyes, and combats wrinkles, visibly smoothing them while minimizing dark circles too. So if you’re looking for a product that can deliver results in one swift move without you getting your fingers dirty, try L’Oréal’s Men Expert Eye Roll-On for size.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye – RRP R355 – 15ml

Some time ago (when we were younger) we had a thing for the Wicca lifestyle. Potions and spells and all sorts of rudimentary behaviour. If we thought we were alone, we were wrong. Kiehl’s presents a potion, much more than just a lotion, designed to do much more than the fountain of youth promises. Mixed with natural ingredients, free of paraben or fragrance with no mineral oil, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye is the treatment you really want instead of a midnight snack. Designed as a restorative concentrate of essential oils and botanicals, the eye treatment will improve the youthful appearance of the skin around the eye contour. Your lower eye-lid will feel strengthened and replenished while the upper eye-lid light as a feather. This baby might come with a slightly higher price tag but it packs a much better punch and your skin’s longevity won’t be compromised.

Which ever of the three you choose use knowing you're in some of the safest hands possible. Your eyes will thank you and the world will thank you for continually working towards presenting us with your best face.

All the above products are available from all leading department stores and cosmetics counters.

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