Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CAMPAIGN: Giorgio Armani Eyewear presents Frames Of Life

I’m a sucker for huge ad campaigns from high-end brands. Especially when they have these intense photographers taking these larger than life images of models cladded in couture. Adding to both the aspirations and struggles of working for a life you sometimes think you cannot ascertain. Every once in a while, a brand puts together something soft, tailored and clearly envisioned. When that happens, you can’t help but sit back and indulge.

Giorgio Armani Eyewear 2013 presents a campaign centred around a handful of personalities. Drenched in their life’s worth and out to grab their destinies; we are confronted by every day people who have extraordinary dreams and standards for themselves. They are confident, brave and poised. With such a timeless portrait of modern individuals, it was no wonder the campaign with titled ‘Frames Of Life’. The protagonists in this campaign of life include Luc, a writer whose first book has just been published; Carlos, a young barman with a passion for cinema; and Adrian, a successful young architect.

The combination and depth of characters creates a medley of stories, hopes, and emotions, all of which are connected through their Frames Of Life eyewear. Snapshots capture real life moments as the eyewear adds a subtle touch of style; not overpowering, but complimentary. The frames represent timeless design and are fashioned with new materials and colours to ensure their contemporary revisit is instilled in the consumers mind.

This campaign can be followed both in print and online. Visit for more and be sure to keep checking social media channels for a series of short videos and content that continues to reveal and explore each character’s story.

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