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Thursday, June 6, 2013

LAUNCHED: Celio* Steps into the SA Retail Scene with French Menswear

Just when I thought this launch and that launch and the opening of an envelope season had passed I found myself shivering on a cold Cape Town day into the warm French themed Fréres Bistro in Foreshore for the official launch of the new French menswear brand Celio* which has just docked in our port.

Opening their first store in Southern Africa (as they have stores in Northern African countries like Morocco) the brand opted to use a much more intimate venue as opposed to launching in their store. It did feel rather weird to myself and Lucy da Costa of Style Society SA, but hey, we were there and we made do.

With a staggering 1000 stores in more than 70 countries, 500 of which are in France alone, Celio* was founded in 1985 by brothers, Marc and Laurent Grosman, providing apparel designed exclusively for men and their entire lifestyle in consideration. The collection features items for day, evening and work. Even the casual weekend moments with oneself or friends is accommodated by a range of tees in collaboration with Marvel Comics.

Lucy and I had a great fat chat in the corner of the bistro next to a smart casually dressed mannequin. It turned out, our perception that the clothes looked as though they were in competition with Markham and Truworths, possibly Edgars too (although I hardly hear anyone talk of Edgars) were on the mark. The brand’s price point is between entry-level items of R299 to top-end R799. You can get suits, blazers and coats in the R1000+ brackets too.

Well enough from me, take a look at the current offering for yourself and you decide when you’ll take a trip into the Canal Walk store and buy a few staple items for yourself.

Be sure to follow Celio* on Twitter via @CelioSA or on Facebook via to keep updated on news, collections and any special offers available.

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  1. I've spotted this guy in a handful of campaigns now; love his look! This is my favourite so far. Does he have a name? I'd like to do a write up :)