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Monday, August 26, 2013

#MBFWCT2013: Day 3 – Highlights – David Tlale

There’s something to be said about a David Tlale show at fashion week. It’s more about the full package – clothes, setting, music, theme, ambiance, etc. It’s like, I imagine, what it feels like to attend the Cirque de Soleil. Filled with drama and captivating allure; the clothes play a very small role as compared to the soundtrack, catwalk, hair and make-up. Set against the backdrop of the world’s newest wonder, Table Mountain, with Devil’s Peak to the right and the elevating Cape Town city centre skyline, the stage was set and the city’s unfinished bridge was a perfect catwalk.

The show was opened by Burundi drummers, who continue to perform as part of the entire show. Giving us yet again a new soundtrack to David’s imagination. Cladded in what one can only decide was traditional performance attire – layered robes in apple green with red over a white robe – the drummers marched, skipped, and hypnotically chanted to the beating of the drums mounted on their heads. Primitive and enchanting, it once again confirmed why David and Jan Malan make such an incredible team when it comes to fashion week.

The collection presented was a colour spectrum I can possibly only describe as a tropical coral experience. From turquoise and ocean green, to crisp whites mixed with ivory; desert sand beiges were well placed neutrals in the collection and the scope of yellow – from standard to a pop of metallic yellow gold added a touch of rock’n’roll glamour. Some ombrés were present and the collection closed of with respectful black.

The collection made use of a finely grafted print design that was then applied in separate colour combos and applied across tailored shorts to even full suits. There were knits and it seemed as though there was a venture into sports luxury wear as well. I felt as though the silhouettes were a little to boxy at times and possibly led to the uncomfortable looking fit on the models. The blazers for me had very little character due to their lapels not having enough fabric to really be present in the design. The finish looked well put together and the small details – zips down the back of shirts and blazers + straps centre back of day shirts + canvas vests and shorts - here and there made the collection worthwhile for me. In retrospect, the entire collection as a whole is thought-through, and dynamic in reference to what is being currently produced in South Africa for men. The gold (trench) coat + turquoise ombré shirt with matching shorts are my winners from the collection.

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  1. David Tlale will always be The King Of SA Fashion