Monday, September 9, 2013

NEWS: A New Kind Of Old Arrives At Markham

Spring has managed to creep its way into our lives and a slight update of wardrobe is definitely required. The festivities will slowly be back on the calendars while work continues as normal. You’re going to need an upgrade that can truly melt into every possible situation without disintegrating your wallet.

One solution to this tricky challenge of less being definitely more is Markham’s short suit. A kind of new old; bringing the tradition of tailoring back to every day clothes with refined pieces in traditional styles updated for modern men. This affordable update is versatile and classical; making it wearable in almost any situation without losing its class or street cred.

Using cotton blends in varies colours and some relaxed prints, you can piece together nautical looks for the weekend by combining the traditional blazer with print shorts and a polo in your favourite colour. Boat shoes are a to-go item for the weekenders. And should you be like our editor, Monde Mtsi, and decide the short suit is your every day work uniform, then pair a traditional navy shorts suit with day shorts in a array of colours from salmon to ox blood red; and you can close the look of with leather loafers or patent leather shoes and a sturdy vintage briefcase.

This spring the shorts suit is a definite wardrobe staple that will probably be your saviour next year too as we can definitely foresee this trend sticking around for a lengthy period of time (again). So get back your sophistication with this modern update and be the hero.

Get short, smart and suited. Right now, with Markham.

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