Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#ACCESSORY: TUMI Launches Santa Monica Collection

Nothing puts a warm tingling feeling into our hearts more than seeing a range of greatly designed bags. Bags are a key essential ingredient in every man’s daily intake of fashion and style. They can simply set you apart or easily prepare you for workplace dominance. They quietly assure respect and reinforce a sense of being.

TUMI, spearheaded by the new Creative Director George Esquivel, have put together a selection of exquisite lifestyle accessories for every dapper gent out there. Featuring a selection of bags made with high quality products, the brand’s heritage is highlighted once more through its design and craftsmanship. Incorporating the iconic ballistic nylon, along with treated leathers, and even Flax Multi Natural linens – TUMI have ensured the collection leaves nothing undesired and everything tactile and an experience.

The Bashford Duffel

The Drummond Brief

Our favourites from the collection are the Bashford Duffel and the Drummond Brief. The Bashford Duffel is our ideal getaway bag. Perfect in size, this stylish weekender is inspired by TUMI’s Alpha Soft Duffel (another favourite of ours). It’s the ultimate quick-pack, look slick bag. Featuring the iconic “X” design detail, this baby has a snap-close hand wrap and the shoulder strap is both adjustable and detachable.

Much more suited for every day style wars is the Drummond Brief. Edgy, both figuratively and literally, this classic flap brief with detachable and adjustable cross-body strap is boardroom ready. Hiding organized interiors with its subtle detailing, it will secure your laptop and confidential files in private – stylishly.

Both these magnificent bags are available from TUMI stores across the country. The Bashford Duffel retails for R14’999 and the Drummond Brief for R9’999.

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