Monday, January 20, 2014

#COLLABORATION: Maps x Augustine (2013)

The Maps x Augustine collaboration last happened and we didn’t happen to happen to it. Not quite sure why. We think there might have been plenty distractions about. So we’re happening to it right now.

It’s not often you get to experience a decent collaboration in South Africa between a fashion brand and what we would today consider a South African celebrity. In fact, if our memory and very brief Google search served us correctly, there hasn’t been such in this country. What one is more exposed to is a string of ‘personalities’ releasing ranges available in department stores.


Maps & Augustine collaborated; and what was produced was significantly accurate to both brands. Structured with plenty of fluidity in the right pieces, the collection represented both Maps and Augustine in great light. The strong attention paid to detail is somewhat reflective of Maps career growth – how he’s always ensured he made the right move and not just jumped on to (sometimes into) anything coming along his path; and the technically practical tailoring abilities of Augustine are clear from collar to hem throughout the collection.

With such a great combination, one hopes that the two brands will put something else out in 2014 to further extend on their original work. Menswear might be making waves in this country, but we feel as though the waves are not big enough to surf right now, and brands need to do more to create a stir and consumers need to explore further in order to encourage brands.

Either way, we have our work cut out for us and we’d much rather be busy with all this work in a few of those pieces from this Maps x Augustine Collaboration.

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