Monday, February 3, 2014

#GROOMING: Nivea For Men introduces Sensitive After Shave SPLASH

The name of Nivea For Men’s latest after shave for sensitive skin conjures images in television advertisements standing in front of designer bathroom basins and mirrors invigoratingly introducing crisp water to their well toned and prepped skins. Much like women in shampoo ads who unashamed swing or swoosh their hair from side to side to showcase the immaculate results of their shampoo.

Nive For Men’s Sensitive After Shave Splash is the latest in a generation of splash-on after shaves. In a bid to continue innovating men’s skin care products in South Africa, this Nivea For Men’s Sensitive After Shave Splash lotion contains 0% alcohol while still offering the user 100% of that refreshing feeling we all crave after a shave. While reducing facial redness and shaving irritations, the lotion improves your skin’s own resistance against environmental influences.

An additional special feature of this lotion is the Active Comfort System. This innovation calms stressed skin with its anti-inflammatory effects; strengthens the skin through its Vitamin E compound; and heals skin with Aloe Vera elements. All this results in invigorated and refreshed skin, all the while looking healthy and feeling cared for.

Nive For Men’s Sensitive After Shave Splash is available from leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide at a RRP R79.99 for 100ml.

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