Monday, March 24, 2014

#NEWS: Pharrell Williams Curates Collaboration between Bionic Yarn and G-Star

We always get a grin on our faces that we can’t scratch off whenever Pharrell Williams is involved with something to do with fashion. Not that he’s the next John Galliano or Valentino or Coco Chanel, but simply because he always goes off-beat and produces something now and awesome.

His latest project has been curating collaboration between Bionic Yarn, which he is Creative Director for, and G-Star. Announced in the midst of New York Fashion Week, at the American Museum of Natural History, the project is a creative exploration producing a collection made with recycled materials from the oceans.

Bionic Yarn produces high-end luxury yarns and fabrics made with recycle product: plastic found from bottles and other elements in the ocean. What this means is, we now get to wear the first-ever high-performance eco-thread in the world. So basically, Pharrell William’s Bionic Yarn and G-Star are helping your butt save the world.

Who said you couldn’t wear recycled and look amazing.

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