Friday, April 25, 2014

#THELOOKBOOK: The Brunch Date

Welcome to #TheLookbook, our very own Renaissance Men SA version of style diary posts. For our first entry we look into my newest favourite look for that Sunday brunch to venues such as Loading Bay, Bungalow, or Yours Truly.

The aim of this game is to keep the look simple, almost thrown together last minute. It’s about an effortless cool. Sublime in its trending behaviour, yet incredibly comfortable and practical. Brunch is about conversation, being comfy, focusing more on the person or people you’re with, than constantly adjusting your outfit because you’re not completely feeling great.

Have a good look at the feature image and then we’ll get into what’s what in the look.

A – The Oversized Pullover – Amandi Pullover in Oatmeal by Old Khaki
Oversized anything will never be out of fashion. Don’t believe the “fashionistas”. If anyone goes around calling themselves that they should have their opinion ignored. What you need to do carefully with oversize is what your fabric choices and your cuts because after a wash and dry or two, oversized might become over stretched – and that you don’t want. This Old Khaki Amandi pullover in Oatmeal is actually a regular size jumper – I just bought an extra large for the oversize effect. Its versatility lays in its ability to be worn for play and for work. Its colour allows it to adapt to most wardrobe essentials and its cut is relatively classic with a modern edge.

B – The Slim Fit – Regular Slims from RT Casual by Mr Price
Denim is denim. Regardless where you bought it. Sometimes higher end brands do provide a better cut and better feeling denim – the kind that feels like luxury when you’re wearing it. Those denims, I buy for special occasions. For everyday wear and tear and functionality, I buy denims from Markham, Woolies and Mr Price. The pair featured in this look are from Mr Price RT Casual. This pair of slim fit jeans is great for zipping up and going. Very hassle free and quite comfortable. Getting the size from Mr P was a challenge for me, but this pair was the best fitting. Roll the hem up a little (pretty old school in terms of trends – but who cares) and showcase your socks.

C – The Brogues – Almond Brogues by Cignal from Markham
Brogues are brogues and they will never disappoint. Whether they are low cut normal shoes or a half-boot style. Brogues are truly a gent’s best friend. My pair is by Cignal, from Markham. Relatively affordable, I find the almond colour works best for most of my wardrobe and I can wear them to work and on weekends without feeling over dressed for the occasion.

D – The Socks – Red and Green socks from Woolworths
The rules with socks are simple: Where socks you love and don’t follow any set rules. Do as you please. Any colour and any print with any outfit.

E – The Pouch – iPad Sleeve by CH Men Sport from Carolina Herrera
I’m hardly made of money and as a blogger, I don’t make a single cent from this gig. So when I get gifts, I find alternative ways to use them until such time I can use them for the purpose they were designed for. This iPad sleeve from Carolina Herrera was gift from the House and Leisure team. I don’t own an iPad at present; I do, however, own a few little things that need a small bag for transportation when I go out. So I converted my iPad sleeve into a handy pouch. It’s a comfortable size too and carries everything without bulging unnecessarily.

F – The Shades – Eyewear by Tom Ford
Sunglasses are as essential in everyday life as a pair of clean underwear. If you’re going to make a statement with shade, keep it simple, bold and refreshingly sublime. Bling is for Paris Hilton, not you. I keep it down to earth with my signature Tom Fords.

G – The Groom – Facial Sunscreen by Dr Gobac and Fragrance is Kouros Energizer by YSL
Grooming is important for every guy (and girl). When wondering the streets under the winter sun, I use Dr Gobac’s SPF25 Facial Sunscreen to protect myself from the harsh rays of the sun. Did you know the winter sun is harsher on the skin than the summer sun? And of course, when you walk past people you need to leave traces of yourself behind. A fart is not enough. Try a fragrance. My perfume of choice at the moment is Kouros Energizer, a limited edition version of the original Kouros by YvesSaintLaurent. Light, breezy, refreshing, pure with hints of masculinity; it’s bound to have passers-by turning back twice.

If anything, the aim of this look is to encourage you to always adapt your wardrobe accordingly. Investigate what essentials or basics you already have and buy new key pieces that can be worn in multiple ways for different situations. I could put on a dinner shirt in black plus black bow tie plus black slim fit tuxedo pants with patent leather shoes and I’d be ready for any dinner party and wear the jumper just to break the ice. The key? Being able to swiftly move from day into night.

Photographs all captured by Leslie aka LeHydro

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