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Thursday, May 8, 2014

#EDITORS_CHOICE: Banana Republic Launches ‘True Outfitters’ Campaign

Oh my my how I sometimes contradict myself by this promotion of African fashion when all the exciting news is happening internationally. Anyway, case in point is Banana Republic’s latest campaign: True Outfitters. This campaign did not curl my toes because of the fashion, but the public acknowledgement of an incredibly stylish gay couple: Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent.

The campaign is focused on the brand’s heritage and pioneering spirit and takes a look at their California and Safari-type inspired collection while casting true, real-life couples in the ad campaign.  Styled by Jessica Diehl and shot by Mikael Jansson, the campaign sees the couple placed in certain settings and scenarios to showcase the California Collection and its versatility in life.

The California Collection from Banana Republic is available from Stuttafords stores in the country. There’s one or two outerwear pieces I like but generally it’s not completely what I would go for but if does feature some really amazing high-quality staples you gents should get.

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