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Thursday, June 5, 2014

#SCENTED: Armani Eau D’Arômes Pour Homme

Elegance, Mastery, and Timelessness are three simple words that quintessentially describe the genius that is Giorgio Armani. As the designer to continuously source inspiration from seduction, nature, and Italy, Armani has always managed to capture emotion at its most passionate without any taste of pretence or condescending notations.

When my bottle of Armani Eau D’Arômes Pour Homme arrived at my door step, I was ever so eager to dish up on to my skin and experience the luxury. I wasn’t disappointed; with an introduction of woody, earthy scents and a soft yet evoking spicy note, Armani’s Eau D’Arômes danced a little dance in my nostrils leaving me wondering whether it was too sweet or too spicy. Of which neither became truth.

The fragrance has whiffs of a type of well-tailored suit made with fabric of extreme quality. Potentially this means the scent is not for everyday, and you could get away with that by rending its power less prominent by layering other scents over it, however, that would then mean you’re taking away from its individuality and unique selling point. The reason why you wear it on its own is because you want your admirers to be exposed to its sensual existence.

In essence, the Armani Eau D’Arômes is vibrant, intense, and energetic. The fragrance is available from June in two sizes: 50ML at RRP R829 and 100ML at RRP R1089.

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