Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#THELOOKBOOK: Casual Fridays

Welcome to #TheLookbook, our very own Renaissance Men SA version of style diary posts. This month’s entry is tilted towards a solution for Friday jitters at the office. That one day of the week where anything could happen – meetings or after work drinks. In most guys’ cases, it’s both.

We all know how to casual things down or dress it up for the office. What we tend to sometimes find tricky is getting the right dose of casual and smart, should you find yourself in a client meeting knowing fully well you’re off to the bar after. Another challenge is the changing weather. It could rain minutes after the sunshine and you’re caught in office wear – drenched – is what you would be. So this season, it’s about finding the right casual outerwear fit for the office and Mother Nature. Mix that up with some fun staples and you’re good to go.

Have a good look at the feature image and then we’ll get into what’s what in the look.

A – The Duffel Coat – Ronaldon Melton Duffle Coat in Indigo from Old Khaki
The Duffel coat has long been a staple item for any guy’s wardrobe. Apart from obvious practical reasons, it also happens to be one of those items that can fit any wardrobe look – especially when bought in a neutral colour. Old Khaki’s Duffel is no different. Cut to fit with a little bit of length on the sleeves, this number sits well and is extremely warm and comfy. This coat can also be paired with much more formal items for midweek bliss – chinos and a day shirt for the office; perhaps sweatpants, your favourite Puma Discs plus a crew neck jumper for that Saturday chill at your local pub. Basically, it’s an essential you need to ensure you have.

B – The Denim Shirt – Slim Fit Denim Shirt from Levi’s Strauss
Denim is eternal. It’s a classic, yet constantly modern. It’s probably one of the most ultimate fashion items one could ever own if not the ultimate fashion item. This specific cut from Levi’s fits your body like a glove and carries extra length on the hem and sleeves. Day or night, work or play, this baby will add a touch of casual chic to your outfit.

C – The V-Neck – Cashmere V-Neck Jersey from Country Road
Some things in life are not free but they are worth every penny. Dyed in a neutral colour and woven from perfect balance between ability to breathe and keep the wearer warm, this Country Road jersey is simple wow. Soft and body shaping, it fits light and really pulls a look together. Wear on its own with a vest underneath, over a shirt or polo, perhaps even don a jacket (denim or cotton) over it, it still stands its ground without throwing off your style.

D – The Slim Fit Jean – Slim Fit Jean in Black from Country Road
The Slim Fit Jean from Country Road is fantastic. Apart from being really well cut and well proportioned, it happens to also be one of the most comfortable pairs of denim I have ever put on. Ever. Literally minutes after wearing I have to check if I have pants on. That’s how comfortable they are. A second-skin. And being in black, they can be worn to work, over the weekend; dressed down or dressed up with a dinner shirt and tuxedo blazer.

E – The Pitch is Monochrome – High-top Pitch in Monochrome from Levi’s
Everyone’s always going on about chucks. What are those? I don’t know. I own a pair of Levi’s Pitch Monochromes – in all black eerthang. Why? Because there’s nothing else you need in life when you have a pair of these.

F – The Everyday Work Bag – Leather Laptop Bag from Woolworths
It’s been yonks since I bought this bag from Woolies. Have not regretted it at all. It’s a great shape and size and can be worn on hand or over the shoulder. Leather always adds some authenticity to any look and not to mention the classic colour black, which creates a slight illusion of elegance too. I use this bag everyday and practically enough, it carries quite a bit of weight – I’ve over stuffed before a few times.

G – The Shade – Wayfarers with Fabrication Detail from Luxottica
What more can anyone say about Ray Ban Wayfarers that has not been said before? They are a collector’s item and you’re encourage to get them in as many different styles, including this fabricated style where the arms of the shades are covered with a patterned fabric. And there will never be a moment where they don’t fit the bill.

The simple truth is anyone can pull this look off. It takes very little effort and can be alternated on occasion to create the illusion of many different looks. Play with wearing it Fridays and possibly on some weekends too. Its versatility allows you the opportunity to spread what might be a thin wardrobe around and wider.

Photographs all captured by Lesley aka LeHydro.

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