Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#FashionEvents: LEVELS Brand Weekend - October 2014 - Be Ready

After a complete and utter silence from the cool kids at Boaston Society, today my mailbox is graced by the presence of an email from the team. Looks like it’s for them to put together another great convening of brands from the streets for the people who wear them on the streets as a form of socio-political expressions.

LEVELS Brand Weekend is possibly not only Cape Town’s solution to its hijacked Str.Crd event, but also probably the biggest playing card in the Boaston Society hand. As an event that boasts no cover charge and a selection of great local and international brands, LEVELS Brand Weekend is also quite politely in the position to spearhead the direction of  streetwear and the brands that address its apparel needs into a bright and profitable future.

But that’s another discussion for another post. For now, here are the details available for the next LEVELS Brand Weekend.

24 – 25 OCTOBER 2014

Venue seems to currently be undisclosed, so when that pop ups, we’ll be sure to share it.

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