Monday, September 22, 2014

#LOOKBOOK: The Last Call

Welcome to the #LOOKBOOK. The spot where our Editor-At-Large, Monde Mtsi, gets to be in front of the camera on serious business, looking sharp and pointing out some independent style to inspire your own wardrobe light bulb moments.

This #LOOKBOOK is titled, ‘The Last Call’. With winter seemingly leaving but returning for brief cold fronts, one can ensure they are not caught off guard with this last call on winter essentials to do their thing. In keeping with oversized trend that we wish summer bunnies to adopt in a stylish manner, Monde finds a gem, mixes it with denims and trendy low-cut canvas sneakers.

A – The Jumper – Oversized Extra Length jumper from Topman at Edgars Fashion
This jumper has been designed to have an extreme oversize fit and comes in extra an extra long length version from its predecessor. Retailing at R369, this jumper provides volumes of comfort and warmth. Its neutral colour means you can pretty much don it with anything. You could even make it formal with a crisp black or white shirt and some pleated pants.

B – The Jeans – Stretch Skinny in Black from Topman at Edgars Fashion
Denims are essential. We’re not sure how many times one needs to hear/read this in order to believe it. This stretch skinny jeans from Topman available at Edgars Fashion are awesome because they are a super comfortable cotton fit. They have a mid rise, so they sit just above the waist and with their skinny hips, legs are elongated further and what needs to be ‘tucked’ away is neatly packed accordingly. I also love the tapered skinny leg, which gives the jeans an extra thinning effect on the body, and you know we still enjoy turning up the hems.

C – The Sneakers – Levi’s Monochrome Pitch (Low-cut) from Levi’s Strauss
Perfect for the summer days and nights out, the Levi’s Pitch in monochrome is a great canvas sneaker to own. It’s a perfect filler for those outfits that require something casual but with attitude. It’s relatively easy to maintain and because of the colour, it works with just about anything.

D – The Shade – Tom Ford Sunglasses available from Sunglass Hut at Edgars Fashion
“I don’t pop Miley I rock Tom Ford. International bring back the Concord. Numbers don’t lie check the scoreboard. Tom Ford.” Those are some lines from Jay Z’s track titled Tom Ford off his Holy Grail album. In another track on another album from another artist, Mariah Carey, she says ‘the best thing to happen to you was me, so pull down those Tom Fords and act like you see’. It’s quite evident that Tom Fords are in fashion. Need we say any more?

E – The Grooming Game – Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator and Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Cologne
Our Editor-At-Large’s grooming game is currently in check thanks to Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator range consisting of a wash + toner + moisturiser. The wash has granules which assist scrub out the dirt during the wash. The toner, which can also be used throughout the day as a spritzer, moisture locks the skin cells and assist with anti-shine. The moisturizer is fantastic for retaining youthful appearances and its 24hr anti-shine makes for a great all day product. Looking good is just part of this, smelling good is essential too. To manage that Monde has used Truefitt & Hill’s Sandalwood Cologne. Predominantly a woody scent, the cologne also hints to musk and citrus.

Play with the textures and sizes. Don’t be worried that you might mix something incorrectly. The fun is in the bold decisions and seeing them through. If you’re really shy, trying doing it through sizes and keep colours to a minimum. Either way, it’s always recommended that you make an effort.

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