Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#NEWS: Converse Fall 14 Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Collection

Gents, this is not the rubber that protects you from becoming an unexpected father, however, it is the kind of rubber that girls will smile at you for. Converse has pushed their own bar this time around with the collection of Chuck Taylor Rubber All Stars.

In an awesome spectrum of colours, the high-top sneakers are completely water and rain proof at the moment. A moment you won’t regret when the clouds surround you and attempt to ruin your stylish moment just before you hit the town with the boys.

Designed with a gusseted tongue and brass eyelets, the water resistant Converse Chuck Taylors are built to help protect your feet, especially in the middle of that mud pit at the next festival you attend. We’re not too sure when these will be dropping in South Africa but we’re keeping our eyes and ears open and will drop word as soon as we know.

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  1. Love it! I'm getting some. Especially for those Cape Town winters.