Thursday, October 2, 2014

#NEWS: G-Star RAW in East London - #RawForTheOceans

Right now recycling is all the rage in the denim industry. It’s like when bell-bottoms were all the rage only worse and much more trendy. Denim, being the superior category in fashion that it is – because it’s forever, takes on your shape, easy to maintain, never out of fashion – has taken the entire recycling moment to the next level: the Oceans.

With a capital ‘O’, yo.

#RawForTheOceans is the latest example of technological advancements in fashion and denim with G-Star RAW clearly taking the lead with the assistance of Pharrell Williams and his team. Turning ocean plastic into denim is now the buzz trend. This move sees a fresh approach to recycling and also moves the focus to always being on pollution on (dry) land and shifts it to the big blue seas.

As G-Star takes over the globe through denim made from plastics from the bottom of the ocean, they are also taking over South Africa with the opening of another store in the country. Hemingways Mall is now the proud location of a brand new G-Star RAW store. Peeps from the EL will now get to enjoy the denim ranges from heritage to the soon to be released in SA #RawForTheOceans collection.

So if you’re in East London, go and check out the store and either Instagram or tweet us your favourite pieces from the brand and if you’re in Cape Town, maybe we’ll see you at the denim range launch.

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