Friday, November 21, 2014

#LOOKBOOK: Denim on Denim on Denim

Welcome to the Lookbook, the only space on this blog where our Editor, Monde Mtsi, actually gets in front of the camera and poses for you.

This week Monde’s look is Denim-on-Denim-on-Denim. It’s a trend that usually gets killed for its existence by those who don’t seem to know how to do it right. There is no right answer to this ensemble, but there’s definitely a wrong way or two of doing it and we’re here to share with you one way of getting it right.

Breaking down the look:
The Jacket – Brendon Denim Jacket in Blue/Indigo available at Old Khaki
This jacket is a slim fitting standard box cut. It’s cropped at the waist for a visible style cut and when the buttons are done up, there is a little bit of shaping created. It’s a snug fit. Loose in the right areas and nipped where needed.

The Shirt – Cowboy Denim Shirt in Washed Blue available at Levi Strauss
The denim shirt is a staple in most wardrobes that include casual items. It’s pretty much like the ‘crisp white shirt’ for guys who enjoy work wear. It fits any and most scenarios. We much prefer the lighter washes to the darker ones, but a denim shirt in Indigo is no train smash. You can wear this comfortable shirt sleeves rolled up (neatly or ruggedly) or sleeves long and button. NEVER buy a short sleeve denim shirt – it’s just awkward for everyone.

The Jean Pant – 510 Skinny Pant in Indigo available at Levi’s Strauss
The Jean pant is an essential. Pretty much as essential as fresh underwear is. So don’t think we’re preaching, we’re just stating facts. Monde wears a pair from Levi’s. It’s a skinny leg cut (510) that has a high-rise and slightly tapered leg/hem. Thanks to its richly dark colour, it works great for casual and smart situations, meaning, you can wear it out to drinks and to the office with a shirt and blazer.

Our best tip when attempting this look is to play around with the textures and tones of the denim. Here it works because the items are all different colourways of denim. From the light wash shirt to the dark Indigo of the jeans and the blue, almost stone wash indigo jacket; the look develops a character, some personality and becomes interesting to the next person.

Alternatively, you can wear the jeans with any work shirt and pair it with a tan or khaki (in fact, any tone between the two would work too) jacket. If you’re a chino kind of guy, you can do them with a work shirt of your choice and don the denim jacket for a smart casual look.

The point is to play and explore. See what you like and what works for you. Go out there and enjoy it and enjoy you in your clothes.

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