Monday, January 12, 2015

#EVENT: South African Menswear Week 2015

Not sure how long we’ve been shouting to the gods for a menswear week, but we have, and it seems to have come true. SA Menswear Week launches this February with what appears to be a stellar combination of young blood and solid talent. Attendees can expect showcases from veteran designers such as, CSquared, Craig Port, Naked Ape and Palse Homme. Young creative such as Jenevieve Lyons and Rich Mnisi will also take centre stage to show us what they’ve got.

For the better part, it’s excitement all around. However, with such a magnificent historical moment about to happen, one can’t help but be anxious as well. Expectations are being assembled and unfortunately, there is no room for error (well, maybe a little bit of room). Ryan Beswick, Founder of SA Menswear Week, and his team have their work cut out for them. But, insiders are reporting things are completely under control and moving on time.

This past weekend, model castings we hosting in the city in collaboration with Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC). Word is, the stranger the model the better. So it seems the unusual male model will take centre-stage as opposed to the pretty faced guys we usually get.

With all the activity happening, it’s hard not to dance in the energy. One just needs to remain focused and remember the job at hand. We’re looking forward to SA Menswear Week, and bringing it to you LIVE on social media and the blog.

Dates for SA Menswear Week:
Thursday, 05 February
Friday, 06 February
Saturday, 07 February

Now the question is; what to wear…?

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