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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#THE_INTERVIEW: Local Rising DJ Talent – Terra Nekro

South Africa’s music has a knack for showcasing talent that finds it not only influencing the music scene, but also the fashion scene. It’s hard to ignore when musicians such as Boyz-n-Bucks, Donald and Lindiwe Suttle are constantly pushing boundaries and directly setting local trends amongst their followers and the general youth.

We caught up with a local DJ to chat music, latest career moves and fashion; Terra Nekro is a Cape Town-born DJ who currently is moving locations to further explore his talents. Recently, he’s also been a topical feature in social media.

Renaissance Men: Terra, thank for your time. Where in the world are you right now?
Terra Nekro: Pretoria

RM: Where do you plan on going next?
TN: I go wherever the music takes me

RM: What project are you currently busy with at the moment?
TN: Well, I’m between my own tracks and beats for Rude World Records and a few other independent rappers like Andy Mkhosi and Lord Boolz

RM: How did your track land up on Black Coffee’s Podcast?
TN: Well, I sent it to him. He liked it and played it.

RM: How has this affected the game for you?
TN: I am not sure. I’m not one to ponder much on things that I have no control over. I just do what I do and think about the next move. I’ll admit that it has brought some attention and a sense of promise to what I do and a few people that used to pay no mind to me stop to greet and ask how I’m doing when they see me.

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RM: Has it changed things for you? A bigger fan base, more ‘Likes’ on Facebook, etc.?
TN: Black Coffee is the biggest deep house deejay in the world; he’s probably been in the top 5 since he dropped his first album. He owns one of the most revered music labels in South Africa/Africa. He’s worked with all of my favourite producers and deejays, so he knows his shit. When a brand this big plays your music the message is simple, you are doing something right. This translates to people that are maybe not even taking me serious, but are fans of his. Naturally people will start taking you serious, with that comes a few more likes and a bit more attention. I don’t ride things, though. I just make music for people to enjoy and not for popularity, so I’m not that mindful of my “fan base”. Not to say that I don’t appreciate the support.

RM: Is there any new music we can expect from you?
TN: I create music every day; it’s how I cope with life. My latest EP just dropped on the 18 February on a label called Music Cell Records. It features the title track “Disturbia”, the one that Black Coffee featured in his Pulse.200 podcast, together with remixes by three other producers namely Jonas Lapert from Switzerland, Juloboy from France and David R Maddocks from England. On my Soundcloud page I have other music that I’ve shared as well.

RM: Do you see yourself as fitting in with fashion or do you generally just dress as you feel?
TN: I’m more in to simple, but effective attire. I like clothes that go well together and make me feel comfortable as well. I have started to incorporate more colour and items with a bit more detail in to my wardrobe.

RM: How does fashion and music connect and influence the world?
TN: Creativity is creativity, art is art. Regardless of the platform used to express it. Art will connect with art. No one knows what sort of music Basquiat was really in to, but he hung out in clubs with all sorts of musicians, journalists, photographers and fashion designers. Art is art. 9/10 musicians are in to the finer things in life and what better platform is there for any fashion label than to sell themselves as part of a particular lifestyle than on the most popular artists platforms? If you like KO and you see him wearing a pair of Vans sneakers in his music video or show, what are you most likely to buy the next time you go shopping?

RM: Will you and your music affect the world in the near future?
TN: I’m a very challenging person to be around. Naturally my music would be challenging to the listener as well, but I always try to stay within the boundaries of what I am creating. I think that I will change a few things in the game or at the least try to inspire it. I grew up at a time when deep house had no particular sound or formula; you just knew that it was deep house. You just felt that you were bumping to deep house. These days a lot of the new producers try to emulate what they’ve heard already. I find that very boring, hence I still listen to the same producers that I listened to when I was in late primary school and throughout high school. I just feel that as the new school we don’t challenge ourselves enough.

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RM: Which menswear brands/labels/designers do you currently support?
TN: I’m not one for any particular designer; I’m more in to items. If I see a shirt and it’s just right, I go for it. It’s more about that item’s design and quality for me than the label or designer. The designer won’t make a difference when the shirt is on my body and I’m feeling very uncomfortable in it.

RM: Where can peeps get your music, or listen to it?
TN: The label that I’ve released my two EP’s with sells them on Beatport. You can also go directly to my SoundCloud page.

RM: And social media?
TN: I have a Facebook page, though people opt to add me on my personal account, which is under my real name Tembinkosi Ngcukana. I am not much of a Twitter fan, but my handle is @terranekro . I am not on Instagram.

Terra wears Separate Lifestyle Tee 2 Black Heather, Washed Sweat Shorts Dark Grey, Trinomic XS850 x GreenBox with Amazon-white, Foundation Backpack Biking Red-Peacoat

RM: What’s next for DJ Terra Nekro
TN: The past few years have been about me understanding myself and what I am about. I’m past that now, I know who Terra Nekro is and therefore I will spend more time-sharing that with my audience.

RM: Any advice for guys (or girls) who want to follow in your footsteps?

TN: I hate that term “following footsteps”. Essentially, no one can follow in any other person’s footsteps. It’s about deciding on what you want and doing it. Musicians do travel similar paths, but that’s due to the nature of the business. Every great musician has their own story, though. You can ask advice, but what you do with it is what sets us apart and gives us different results. One of Jay Z’s favourite rappers Big Daddy Kane never sold a platinum album or owned his own music, but what Jay has done with his time in the game is beyond remarkable. I really don’t know how else to put it. Just be you.


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