Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#NEWS: Become the Wrangler True Wanderer

We all have a spirit of adventure. A kind of thirst to live on the wild side, explore the unexplored, know the unknown and be where no one has truly gone before. We don’t particularly like being told of places but yearn to experience them. Some of us have not yet lived that life – and some of you have.

Now is the time to get it all out there and make it count. Wrangler, one of the three biggest brands in denim is giving you the ultimate chance to not only show off your travel bite, but to win an opportunity to get another adventure up your sleeve. And for those of you who have not travelled the world, consider this your chance to start.

Make your way over to the Wrangler site – - to submit your entry. All you have to do is post any form of previous travelling experience. Finalists will be selected through a combination of an online poll and validation by a panel of judges.

Five will make it with an offer of R5’000 towards their True Wanderer journey.

These five will be styled in Wrangler Denim and set off to begin a new journey or to recount their steps of the journey they submitted which lead to their selection as a finalist.

Once this journey has been completed, their submissions will be scrutinized for quality, thrilling moments and of course, votes received and the panel of judges. One winner will be selected – it could be you. And what could you possibly win for your incredible journey? A Triumph Bonneville Motorbike worth R10’000. And what’s more, you get the title of Wrangler True Wanderer.

So what are you waiting for? The competition is LIVE right now. Visit now.

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  1. Who is this model? I'm curious.