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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#THE_LOOKBOOK: The Half Tuck

After a recent encounter with the fabulous Siki Msuseni of All Things Intriguing, our Editor, Monde Mtsi, could not resist doing a look post inspired by the young stylist and blogger. The main trend: the Half-Tuck; a type of tucked-in/tucked-out situation that is all sorts of casual chic. What Monde discovered is that you can dress it up or down – all depending on your mood and possibly what you’re going to be about that day. For this post, he’s done a casual take on the trend, perfect for those hot breezy afternoons in Cape Town when one is planning on doing the sunset on a yacht. It’s easy, reliable, stylish, and all with very little pretense.

Hat by Petrol or Milk available at Boaston Society, Cape Town: This bucket hat, or spoti as it’s more commonly know in the townships (where it originates from locally), is a great essential accessory this year. It’s versatile enough to be worn to evening functions and rocked throughout the day in laid-back casual cool too. We suggest getting a few in neutral colours and different fabrications and one or two in serious prints or bold colours for those standout moments.

Sunglasses (Seen in next image) by Old Khaki available nationwide: Aviator style sunglasses will NEVER be out of fashion – collect as many as you can from all brands in all colours and finishes. These blue-chrome shades fit the bill for most occasions and are great for a day out in the sun.

The Sandler Slim Fit shirt in white by Old Khaki available nationwide: Ignore the fact that Monde wears everything these days oversized, this shirt is actually slim fit – meaning the cut is meant to be close to the body, comfortable enough to move while retaining shape and form to contour and extend the torso. This shirt might be easy to crease, however, it’s great for toning down eveningwear (suits & tuxedos), and works well when you have one specific moment to wear it for during a day. It’s soft against the skin yet quite structural.

Josiah Chino Shorts by Old Khaki available nationwide: Our Editor is not the chinos-kind-of-guy, but these shorts do look swell on him. Sitting on the waist, they cut just before the knee. They are slightly tapered for shape and the crotch has been designed to look short with plenty of room for movement. These can also be paired with work shirts and worn to the office, everyday – if your environment allows, otherwise on Fridays.

Monochrome Pitch Sneakers in white by Levi’s available nationwide: These Levi Strauss Monochrome Pitch sneakers are cooler than cool. They are comfortable and can be easily paired with a suit to wear to a special event: keeping you chic and comfortable at the same time. Fashion doesn’t always have to be a pain. They are also available in black and in a high-top style.

Visit your nearest stockists to try out some of these items or complete the look for yourself. The aim is to be inspired to try a piece of fashion a new way. Always remember to have fun with your wardrobe and the looks you put together. Looking like everyone else is cool when you’re going to church, but when you step out onto the streets – having an identity is vital.

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