Thursday, May 28, 2015

#LOOK_BOOK: AW15 by Hauz Of Lenze

Social Media can really open up ones mind if you’re paying correct attention. Take us for example: one day we didn’t know about Hauz of Lenze, next moment, they are floating through our timelines with awesome sneak preview images of their latest AW15 look book.

Hauz of Lenze is a fashion brand based in Ghandi Square, Johannesburg and is led by Creative Director and Founder, Brian Ndienze. Inspired by his own mother’s clothing brand and store during his childhood, Brian, a Cameroon design, says his AW15 collection that is partly inspired by his mother’s life ‘is simply about happiness and the change it can influence in the world’. This menswear collection is about taking risks and encouraging adventure, exploration and plays with texture and colour.

For more on the Hauz of Lenze brand, look out for our upcoming profile and interview. In the interim, visit Hauz of Lenze via the handle - @hauzoflenze – on both Twitter and Instagram. You can contact the brand via

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