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Thursday, July 2, 2015

#FASHION_WEEK_TIP: How to Wear SA Menswear Week on Your Shoulder

In the first of a series of posts related to helping you get your look (and act) right for SA Menswear Week, we’ve partnered with Peroni Nastro Assurro to bring you all the best tips and insights into what’s what in the fashion zoo.

To start we look at outerwear (especially since it’s currently winter right now):

The deal with outerwear is that it’s always touch and go. One wants to stay warm but we’re inclined not to want to stress ourselves with too much luggage to hang over our arms once the temperature heats up. Putting all of that aside. There are some things one should consier at this present moment for making a statement with outerwear at fashion week – totes if you’re keen on being snapped up by the street style paparazzi.

1 Volume
When we talk volume we are not specifically referring to big, heavy-looking fluffy coats. We could also be mentioning lightweight, thin trenches and coats. Volume can get toned down and still remain volumous. The trick is to find a level of volume that suits your height and body shape. Tall, skinny and square guys usually find well-defined and sleek coats work best for their frames. Broader shouldered guys should generally stick to coats that have volume around the shoulder and chest area with a slim cut for the body. Short guys a recommendation is made for looking for something in the region of Parka jackets as these are never too long or too short and usually have an adjustable fastener allowing one to shape the jacket around their body shape and size.

2 Colour
Black if King. Just saying. It fits everything and always looks amazing. However, a bit of hot orange, royal blue, bottle green and perhaps, if one is brave enough, sunflower yellow, can do your look some real good. The easy thing with colour is that it allows you to pick the colourful item and then neutralize everything else in order to give that one item the limelight. Don’t be shy to take on a colour you’ve never worn before, just ensure that it is complimentary to your skin tone.

3 Styles
At the moment the most popular outerwear styles to focus on are coats and trenches in military detailing or those sports luxe inspired. Here you’re interested in the opportunity to find something versatile that you could later wear to either a function at work or to an awards evening. Select outerwear in these styles for its detailing as opposed to something that blatantly reflects the trend. For instance, when it comes to military, look for waist belt fastening details and chest and side pocket details. For sports luxe, consider items that are weatherproof and those is more interesting fabrications like coated cottons or cotton-blends.

We can’t possibly stress enough how important it is to play with your look. It’s about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. Comfortable should be key and practicality should be influential. Like an ice cold Peroni on a hot summer’s evening that quenches a day’s thirst, your style should shatter any ideas of lack of fashion sense and practicality. It’s easy to be comfortable and looking dapper. Just as easy as it is to be a Peroni beer and taste delicious.

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