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Monday, August 10, 2015

#ACCESSORIES: Adele De Jak presents ‘Almaz’

There are a few things in life that glitter and turn out to be gold. Adele De Jak’s “Almaz” is one of those few things. Beautiful, strong, light – the collection represents an earth carved to glistening perfection. Incorporating a sense of liquidity, the collection boasts pieces reminiscent of water, flowing in and out of shape, changing, adapting.

The name ‘Almaz’ is derived from the Amharic name for diamonds. It represents all that grows stronger under pressure. The collection consists of timeless pieces and beautiful standout statement pieces. Ideally gents, you’d want your partner to own one or two pieces to wear to those formal black-tie events that can easily turn dull. It’s a bold statement about embracing identity, protecting our heritage and leaving our own cultural mark in this world.

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