Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#NEWS: T Squared Re-Imagines New Heights & Re-Emerges with a New Logo

The new T-Squared Logo

Too often do we find small, street and urban brands pop up and die out like seasons going by. Once in a while a brand will stake its claim, hush down and then re-emerge for a second coming. One such brand is T-Squared. Pioneered by Thabiso Mokomele, T-Squared has found itself at the beginning of a new frontier in urban living and urban wear.

Roping in the trusted talents of Creative Strategist, Bra Daki, T-Squared has re-emerged for its second rise – like a Phoenix from its own ashes – with a new lease on life. With a new message, a new style and a brand new understanding of their fit in the market, T-Squared comes with a new logo and a new attitude, which is completely visible in the first tear of merchandise recently released.

Founder & Creative Director, Thabiso Mokomele (left) with Creative Strategist, Bra Daki (right)

Made from 100% cotton, this batch of bodywear: tees, crew necks, hoodies, sweat tops and sweat pants – sends out a clear ‘we’re back’ kind of message. In monochromatic hues of charcoal grey, black and white, the garments take on simplicity to allow for the newly rehashed logo to take centre stage. This set of merchandise is also designed to be ‘androgynous’ – which is a huge trend internationally at the moment. Pieces can be cross-worn between genders without any discrepancies.

T-Squared’s new vision of minimalism is taken on shape and becoming apparent in the new styles being designed. The added attention being paid to details will also see them go a long way in the right direction with consumers.

Photo Credits
Photography by Cindy Taylor
Styling by Thabiso Mokomele & Bra Daki
Model is Zama Diyelela  

Get yourself some T-Squared gear today: Hoodies R399, Crew necks R299.99, Sweat tops R349.99, Sweat pants R349.99, T-shirts R199.99, Caps R199.99 & Beanies R149.99. Pop into the store in Gugulethu or place an order via tsquaredsa08@gmail.com to stock up right now.

T-Squared is available on social media via Facebook, as T-Squared Clothing, or you can follow the hype on Twitter through the handle @TSquaredSA or on Instagram.

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