Thursday, November 26, 2015

#EVENT: Old Spice 48Hr Mano e Mano Challenge by Sive Booi

As part of their new campaign Old Spice invited us to the launch of their 48hour Mano a Mano challenge. This campaign which was run in collaboration with YFM asked male listeners to describe the manliest thing a listener had done and 6 winners would be drawn to be part of the activation.  For 48 hours a house would be put up at Cresta Mall where the lucky winners would compete for the ultimate 48hour getaway.

Old Spice brand Manager Nkatheko, hosted us and gave us insight into their latest campaign and exciting competition. MC’s and comedians, Nicolas Goliath and Toll Ass Mo, would lead the teams through the challenges in the house. Fun and quirky installations would be put in the house and observers would get to witness all the fun and games. On the night we were hosted at the house and got to interact with the 6 finalists.

The two MC’s Nicolas Goliath and Toll Ass Mo had us in stitches and the drinks were on point from the good people from Liquid Chefs. All in all it was an exciting event and an out-of-ordinary activation. Old Spice really outdid themselves this time, many brands could take note as this activation stood out from the mundane campaigns that are out there at the moment.

Words by Sive Booi

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