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Monday, January 25, 2016

#LOOKBOOK: Tzar Studios presents ‘1760’ a SS16 Experience

There’s something ugly yet magical about fashion. It has the opportunity to whisk one away into a fantasy world were things are better than in reality, yet simultaneously, it can tell a horrific story of emotion and mental battles that the designer has experienced and translated into fabric, dye, cut and style. One such collection is the SS16 collection by Nigerian design house, Tzar. The Designer and Creative Director explains:

“My Spring Summer ‘16 collection is titled ‘1760’; a number, but more importantly my identity for a certain gruesome period in my life spent in a remote part of Western Nigeria. The collection is a visual and emotional interpretation of my habitation in that environment, worked through nuances of Alberto Burri’s work on Sacchi mesh. The dominant colour is blue, which emphasizes the difficulty in accepting the change I endured, an inflexible mindset that over time’s cogitation I reckoned, required me to embrace the moment and create my own acceptable version of reality. Hues of brown and beige are used to depict long dusty roads I walked daily; lined up with navy coloured kiosks selling indigenous indigo-dyed fabrics. My despair during this period is executed through the use of oversized burlap linen shirts with distressed necklines and exaggerated sleeves.”

Photography by Jerrie Rotimi
Model is Dammy Sotannde

Whatever the story, there is always beauty within it and it’s up to the storyteller to find it and express it. Here we find one such example of a time of negativity that has metamorphosed into something of positivity and beauty.

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