Monday, January 18, 2016

#SCENTED: dunhill ICON by John Ray and Carlos Benaim

Creative Director at dunhill, John Ray has teamed up with Master Perfumer, Carlos Benaim to create dunhill ICON; the latest fragrance for men from the British powerhouse. Sophisticated and audacious, the fragrance is designed in line with dunhill’s iconic DNA showcased through elements such as the signature engine-turned pattern which dunhill has become synonymous for. The design was first intergrated into dunhill’s hard product accessories in 1924 and can be found in other items such as cufflinks and their Sentryman pen.

ICON is an utter representation of the dunhill man – masculine in classic form with a witty and energetic personality. The dunhill man, much like ICON is strong and non-egotistical. He is a powerful leader much like the ICON has a powerful presence amongst your fragrance collection. ICON’s top notes are rare and expensive, fused with mid-notes such as Lavender de Provence for a sweetly sublime sensuous experience. ICON is then grounded with Oris-leather accord and Oud wood for a musky, woody closing that lasts throughout the day.

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