Thursday, February 18, 2016

#FASHIONWEEK: My Highlights From Day 3 of #SAMW AW16

Day 3 of SA Menswear Week (SAMW) was just utterly audacious. From a completely all-white presentations by Abrantie The Gentleman, a new launch collection of a single style bomber jacket in many colourways and prints by Craig Port to the underwhelming lack of proper execution of a theme by Palse Homme and well, CSquared…Not sure why they still show at fashion weeks… I utterly had only one show on Friday that kept me alive until I got to my bed – RICH MNISI. Here is why Friday, 5 February 2016 was kept afloat for the fashion world:

Rich Mnisi
I don’t know what the theme was for this collection and to be honest, I don’t care. It slayed. It murdered any other piece of thread in the building that night. After all the death it resurrected everything and everyone and slaughtered us all once more, just for control. I feel like Rich has a Ndebele friend and this Ndebele friend of his dresses like this all the time. From the platform heeled shoes with frilly socks and slick leather loafers with stockings. The flirty elasticised volume shorts with cut-close-to-bod knit jumpers with ‘RICH MNISI’ on their chests. The overtly mod squad jackets with in-your-face fur lapels paired with yellow polo necks and cropped denims! Like can we disco inside an igloo already! Rich gave me life with that burgundy or is it Masala or it deep red wine jumper with polo neck that Kwen was wearing? Either way, Rich Mnisi was the only collection showcased at #SAMW on Friday and I’m still sacrificing goats in ‘Thanks’ for not having missed it.

Photographs by Larry English Photography.

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