Friday, April 29, 2016

#Advertorial: Fashioning New Working Spaces with Work & Co

Recently, Larry English (our Photographer) and I got the opportunity to experience one of the latest modern day spaces catering to both small businesses and freelancers: Work & Co.

Situated at a prime address – 7 Bree Street; adjacent to the new Portswood building and flanked by new foodie spot, Smak and some uber cool coffee shops, Work & Co has found itself a key location to set up shop and allow others to set up ranks too. The space, part corporate and two-parts creative, is designed to allow the Freelancer or business person the ideal environment to get down to business while opportunity to meet new contacts and create fresh business is present.

Larry and I particularly enjoyed the hot-desk area, which is designed to allow Freelancers the flexibility of utilizing the space according to both need and budget. The convenience of the hot-desk space includes the ability to sit and work from any seat available – whether you much prefer a window seat, to be communal on the long shared tables or to perhaps, for isolation reasons to focus on tasks at hand, sit facing a wall – the space is designed to allow the user the freedom of choice to use how to function at your own efficient levels.

Work & Co also provides a communal space where one can make use of the kitchen for breakfast or lunch; make as many coffees as you want and sit and engage with other business persons who are on a bit of a break. There are also meeting rooms to host any client meetings in you might need and there are telephone booths for a bit of privacy when you have to explain – again – to your mother what it is that you do that you can never confirm your pay day.

Essentially, the space is inviting and great for Freelancers and small businesses looking for affordability, flexibility, dedicated fibre-optic internet connectivity, free coffee and great looking people around you – oh and the address helps too for when you’re expecting deliveries.

Don’t believe me? Great – contact Jolize Pienaar, Community Manager at Work & Co for proper convincing. Jolize can be contacted on 0212026040 or via email –

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